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PSUC advocates for awareness

The Title IX and the Violence Prevention Education and Outreach offices hosted a variety show for Domestic Violence Awareness Month Monday in the Warren Ballrooms. All proceeds of the show went to STOP Domestic Violence, a New York State program based in Clinton County that provides a 24-hour hotline, crisis intervention, medical services and assistance to victims of domestic violence.

Performing acts varied from dancing, singing, cheerleading and spoken word.

Senior tv video production major and Violence Prevention Education and Outreach intern Taj Ellis said he wanted to organize a number of events throughout the month of October to spread awareness of domestic violence.”

“I contacted as many people as I could,” Ellis said. “The turnout was pretty good for a first time event, it’s really awesome that people came out to support.”

As an intern, Ellis has been able to work alongside Violence Prevention Education and Outreach Coordinator Dinai Robertson, who he has known since she was a student here at Plattsburgh State.

“I worked with Dinai before when we were both involved with the Organization of Women of Ethnicity,” Ellis said. “When I heard she was got the position as Violence Prevention Education and Outreach Coordinator, I asked to be an intern because I wanted to learn and also help and teach the campus about consent and violence prevention.”

Throughout the month of October, Ellis and Robertson worked on a number of events including Purple Day on Oct. 20, where people were asked to wear purple in honor of victims of domestic violence, and most recently the clothesline project held Oct.28.

“This [variety show] is a different way of bringing awareness to such a powerful and life-altering crisis,” Ellis said. “1 in 4 women suffer from domestic violence in their lifetime, So something like this, it brings people together in a positive way.”

Robertson said it is important to learn and it’s a way to bridge a gap as a community.

“A lot of students are young, and sometimes they don’t know much about this issue aside from what they’re parents or teachers have maybe told them,” Robertson said. “So if we have these conversations, I hope it raises awareness and bring some of these things into the forefront.”

Robertson said we live in a society where rape culture and hookup culture is OK and events like this one on campus will aid students.

“I want them to know that there are resources on campus,” Robertson said. “You have myself, Title IX, sexual assault services, the health center, counseling center, Planned Parenthood and Alliance for Positive Health just to name a few.”

Robertson said this event and their last one worked out well and they have more events planned for this semester.

“We will have a resource panel on Nov 16 and 17,” Robertson said. University police will be there, local police, STOP Domestic Violence, the health center, Planned Parenthood, and other local services.”

Sophomore communications studies major and peer educator Akel Martin’s focus is to get this information out to the campus community.

“It’s all for a good cause—It’s extremely important because you never know who you’re talking to and what they might be going through,” Martin said. “You can change someone’s life.”
Martin said it’s been a great month with the office hosting six different events.

“It’s been constant work day in and day out for Taj, Dinai and everyone in the office trying to make sure these event go as planned,” Martin said. “It’s all worth it. All the good it brings, we’re doing this to spread awareness about the month and i’m glad people came to see the performers.”

Martin said now students know there’s people on campus and in the community that can help them.

“Just to know that information is important, and if they run into a problem they know exactly what to do,” Martin said. “People might not take in all the information tonight, but those pieces that do take in can really make a difference, maybe help somebody and become more informed.”

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