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Program strikes third deal

The START-UP NY program, drafted by Governor Andrew Cuomo, was designed to help new or expanding businesses from New York and Canada to get a footing on college campuses, 100 percent tax free for 10 years.

There are three businesses currently located on campus. Two are computer science based, and one focuses on forestry products operation.

Northstar Technology Center, located in Chazy, New York, is the third of the businesses to strike a deal with Plattsburgh State. Northstar was created by Stephen and Victor Podd. This company specializes in information technology, nanotechnology, biotech & life sciences and photonics/optics.

“Their partnership in the redevelopment of the Northstar Technology Center is pivotal to our success and the START-UP NY program in our region,” Northstar Technology President Stephen Podd said in a press-release.

Northstar can be found in PSUC’s Redcay Hall, and although the company does not pay income or property taxes as part of the startup program, it will pay rent to the campus.

“We had to develop a campus plan which basically identified an area on campus that we could businesses could move in, we then said this was a tax-free designated area,” PSUC Chief of Staff Keith Tyo said.

The START-UP NY program is not restricted to just the PSUC community, as the plan spreads along all SUNY campuses, each one creating their own unique and individual plan.

The types of businesses PSUC hopes to affiliate with must handle at least one of the following: business administration and economics, marketing, accounting, and finance divisions within a company; supply chain management services; Canadian studies including government, business and culture; environmental studies, primarily those of ecology, environmental science, lab studies and research; computer information technology and multimedia businesses.

“They have liberalized the plan over the years since this program was set up so that now it doesn’t have to be on campus but it has to be sponsored by a SUNY campus,” President Ettling said.
As part of the agreement with these businesses on campus, establishments are also encouraged to provide students with opportunities such as internships, vocational training and experiential learning for undergraduate and graduate study.

These businesses are also encouraged to establish employment opportunities for graduating students, provide resources for faculty to consult with, possible student scholarships, and promotion of company employees involved with educational activities, such as panel presentations. The companies are also asked to provide help to those furthering or starting any research through PSUC.
Tyo and Ettling both said the businesses that have joined PSUC are doing well.

The deal has helped both sides achieve their main goals. The main goal is for the businesses and the campus to work together to provide opportunities the school did not have before, PSUC’s main goal is to get the businesses in a steady position, and in turn, the school will gain a future resources for graduate employment and a steady place for internships for current students.

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