Thursday, July 25, 2024

Preparing for Black Solidarity Day

Katie Kallamni

Black Solidarity Day is a cultural holiday created in 1969 with the purpose of recognizing the social, political and economical consequences that would ensue if all Black people were to disappear for a day. With its occurrence on the Monday before election day, the goal is to promote the role that the marginalized community voters have in the election process and the value community has in the economy. 

On this holiday, individuals tend to show their support for the event by wearing black in solidarity, remaining silent the entire day or wearing black tape over their mouth. The Black community is encouraged to demonstrate the impact that they have on society and create awareness of the discrimination against and students of any minority. While providing equal opportunities to help further them as professionals and young intellects across academics. 

Many universities celebrate the holiday by working to reveal the importance of including marginalized community groups in our society, celebrating diversity and inclusion. While empowering the voices of the Black community across multiple racial identities. This event will be held with fellow SUNY schools such as Albany, Binghamton and New Paltz. 

Shiyiheeim Nartey-Tokoli wrote the resolution to have SUNY Plattsburgh recognize this day as a holiday. Black Solidarity Day would be the first Monday of November and recognized on all SUNY Plattsburgh calendars. The holiday was unanimously approved.

The African Unity organization’s $4,200 request was approved to go toward the African Union presenting Ubunye. This event will showcase African culture through performances and storylines. The event will take place in the Warren Ballroom from 7 to 10 p.m. Oct. 30. 

The Student Health Center is also looking to hire more counselors. Currently, there is about a two-week wait period for students looking to talk with someone. 

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