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Poor cleaning habits prove harmful

Since college students balance countless amounts of assignments, jobs, extracurricular activities and their social life, keeping a room tidy would be last on their to-do list.

Both genders are not very good at keeping their room clean, but in a recent study conducted by Collegestats, it was said that men keep their rooms much messier than women. Plattsburgh State students seemed to agree.

When asked whose room is messier, some students said that they believed men were much messier than women.

In the study by Collegestats, a test was given to see which gender had the most germs in their room. Bacteria is measured in colony-forming units or CFU. Based on the data given, the average man’s dorm room had an average of six million CFU per square inch of bacteria. This is not to say that men are downright dirty and women are crisp and clean. The average woman’s dorm room had about 1.5 CFU per square inch of bacteria.

“Men are much messier than women when it comes to their dorm rooms because they do not care,” freshman psychology major Naomi Rodriguez said. “They leave things around and their side of the hallway is always smelly.”

The study stated that the germiest places in a dorm room include students’ sheets, the doorknob, the desk and the dresser. These areas of the room are particularly are filled with bacteria. Might as well Lysol everything, every minute of the day.

“Men are much messier than women, men are naturally babies,” junior marketing major Carl Fossi said. “Men tend to leave the work on the women.”

The cleanliness of your room depends on the type of person you are. Some people cannot stand a mess in their room and needs their space to be completely orderly.

“I have to have a clean room in order to concentrate and do my work,” Antwan Clark a junior political science major and environmental studies minor said.

There are many helpful and easy tips for you to keep your room clean. Putting away items as soon as you use them or wear them instead of procrastinating gives you less work later. Giving yourself a specific day to clean your room is also very helpful. If you have a roommate, coordinating cleaning schedules between each other is a good idea. Distributing chores between each other so all of the cleaning is not done by only one person.

Make your bed. Coming back to nicely spread bed is very calming. A cluttered workspace also makes for a cluttered mind. Having piles of clothes and work in your room may distract your mental energy with the constant nagging that there is something in those piles you are forgetting to deal with. Don’t be a pack rat. The less amount of items you have in your room the better.

Many freshmen students make the mistake of bringing their whole lives with them to college. The less items you have, the less you have to clean up. There may be certain items in your room that you no longer need and are building up dust and germs. Try donating some of those items to a local charity or church. Last, but not least, try not to be in your room all the time. The less time spent in your dorm the less mess you will accumulate.

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