Saturday, June 15, 2024

Plattsburgh welcomes House of Divinity

By Jeremy Binning

The House of Divinity has been catching the attention of the campus. The new modeling club just wrapped up its most recent show in which it showcased new clothing designs from various designers from around the school. Justice Hall, a senior majoring in broadcast journalism, created the club this past fall. 

The club represents “inspiring beauty across all platforms” as well as encouraging all students to be comfortable in their own skin.

“I really wanted to create a club where people could come and be free to express themselves,” Hall said. 

The club is about showing the beauty in everyone and giving them a space to showcase that. “We want to build a modeling club that sets the trends here on campus as well.”

Alumna Kevina Burgess, came back for African Unity’s Mystic Night to help students perfect their walk and give them the extra confidence they need on stage. With their “no one gets rejected” policy, students are likely to join the club and be open to constructive criticism.

Senior Michael Johnson, majoring in broadcast journalism, is the creator of Malosi and had his clothes used for some of the models where he revealed his latest line. 

“The club helped me get my brand more out there by having their models wear my clothes,” Johnson said. “It was an unforgettable experience.” 

Johnson launched his brand in 2020 and since then has put together numerous lines. “It was great to get this exposure at the event because it was such a big production. The turnout couldn’t have been better for not just me but everyone else who used the platform for their brand.”

Burgess has played a big part in the creation of the club. After graduating last fall with her bachelors in social work, she returned to help organize the first event and also walked the runway. 

“I came back because I love modeling, I’ve been doing it since I was a kid. So to be able to help put all this together and be a part of it is truly a blessing.” Burgess isn’t new to the modeling world as she has been doing shows since she was in high school and continues to model when given the opportunity. 

The club consists of more than 20 models as well as 10 people who are on the e-board. With the club now in full effect, Hall plans on bringing it to new heights.

“We want to expand into a bigger club and travel to other schools and perform with them,” Hall said. To get the club to that level will take some time however, with the success from their most recent show “Mystic Night,” it doesn’t seem out of reach. 

The club has two more events lined up for this semester, an art gallery and another fashion show. For anyone interested in becoming a model for House of Divinity email Hall at 

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