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Plattsburgh students show off talents

By Cinara Marquis 

Daniela Raymond

SUNY Plattsburgh hosted its first-ever Plattsburgh’s Got Talent and the event was a major hit.

SUNY Plattsburgh students showcased their incredible talent from singing and dancing to instrumentals and comedy in the Hawkins Hall Giltz Auditorium Friday, Nov. 10. The promise of the performers was huge.

With great attendance from the student body and residents of Plattsburgh, the auditorium was filled with excited faces all eager for the show to start. Emcees Josh Kretzner and Erin McGill introduced the judges: Inter-Sorority Association President Emma Peer; Inter-Fraternity Council President Darren Purisic, Vice President of Enrollment and Student Success Karen McGrath;  Community Director Kristyn Penera; and Cardinal Achievement Program Director Issac J. Eshun. 

The first performer was freshman Maggie Deans, who had been singing since fourth grade and had been in two off-Broadway shows. Deans entered the stage and sang “Screw Loose” from the musical “Cry Baby.” Her performance was bright and humorous, her powerful voice filling every nook and cranny of the auditorium.

Next was a first-year international biomedical sciences student who has an affinity for art and poetry and speaks five languages. Indian music has always been Saanvi Moryani’s lifelong love so she sang a classical Indian song. Her performance was heartfelt and had an amazing climax.

Following her performance was Molly Mooney, who had been singing since she was three. Mooney played the guitar and sang “Cover Me Up” by Morgan Wallen. Her performance is peak country as she strummed the guitar and impeccably sang.

A dance performance from Alpha Epsilon Phi’s newest members followed. Dancing to “No Hands” by Waka Flocka the group of young women danced in a hip-hop style around the stage.

A band that had been together for only 15 days performed “July” by Noah Cyrus. Noah Lewis and Sophia Sabatini worked perfectly together, their voices complementing each other combined with Lewis’ guitar playing.

Music major Mirren Guzzio shared an original song with the audience, “You Are (My Prettiest Sight).” Guzzio’s playing and voice were incredibly beautiful and melancholic, and the song’s lyrics were harrowing.

Followed by sophomore, “Reverse the Grin” lead singer and guitarist Logan Toleman sang “Black” by Pearl Jam. It is a hugely great performance of the song, Toleman has a great stage presence.

Next was Ngozi Permaul, a second-year international student from Trinidad and Tobago, playing the steelpan.He shared his experience of the transition of moving to a new place by covering the song “Party in the U.S.A.” by Miley Cyrus. It is a bright and bubbly performance and the crowds clapped along with Permaul’s brilliant playing.

Michael Johnson and Khalil Moore’s “The Battle” was up next. The act included a mix of different songs and dance styles, a unique and creative contemporary hip-hop battle scene. It was impressive – the two performers complimented each other fantastically.

Then, Ziaire Ferrell, who had been singing since 3 years old, sang “On My Mind” by Jorja Smith. It was a brilliant and soulful performance.

Marcel Gibbs sang “Laplace’s Angel” by Will Wood. This was their first performance since middle school and it was striking.

First-year Alexis LaPointe has been performing since fourth grade, she sang “Part of Me” by Cian Ducrot. Her singing was poignant and powerful.

Then senior Freddie Joseph performed his original song, “Take Me Back to Last December.” It was a heartfelt and somber song with beautiful lyrics accompanied by guitar playing.

Next up was John Carguello who performed voice impressions of various characters like Mickey Mouse, Gandalf, Pooh and Donald Trump. He told a humorous adventure story that included the diverse cast of characters in comedic situations such as flying with wings given by Red Bulls.

Then senior Keely Huling, who dances and sings for the Gospel Choir, sang “Easy on Me” by Adele. It was a passionate performance. Huling’s voice stretched throughout the auditorium and filled everyone’s hearts with Adele’s sincere lyrics.

Freshman nursing major and basketball player Adysen Darnold sang Billie Eilish’s hit song “What Was I Made For,” as featured in “Barbie.” It was a beautifully emotional performance and the song sounded incredible with Darnold’s voice.

Olivia Sorrell also sang a hit song from a movie, “Hopelessly Devoted” from “Grease.” She has been singing her whole life and it shows. Her voice was remarkably powerful and served the song great justice.

Finally, the Dance Corps performed a contemporary dance to Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain.” The large group of young women flipped and danced gracefully around the stage, their moves matching the song’s tempo and theme.


The Results are in

Third place with a $100 prize was Deans for her amazing singing of “Screw Loose” from Crybaby.

Second place with a $250 prize was given to Toleman for his fantastic performance of “Black” by Pearl Jam.

First place with a prize of $500 was awarded to Johnson and Moore’s “The Battle’’ for their incredibly unique duo-dance performance.

The prize for audience choice was given to Permaul for his creative steelpan cover. He was given a $50 prize.

The audience roared in joy, agreeing with the judges’ final tallies. The emcees thanked the crowds for coming and bid everyone adieu as the hall was emptied with smiling students and laughing staff.

All proceeds were donated to the Inter-Faith Food Shelf located at 127 Beekman St., which provides emergency food to all residents of Clinton County.


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