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Plattsburgh Best Buy to terminate CD sales

With the decline of CD sales, companies have no choice but to put them in the past.
Best Buy announced they would cease selling CDs by July 1.

“I don’t remember the last time I bought a CD,” said Megan Bourgeois, a connected home specialist at Best Buy, “It’s honestly just taking up space in our store that could be better used.”
Best Buy makes 40 million in CD sales every year according to

“We sell a lot of appliances at larger stores, but we don’t have space for them here,” Bourgeois said. “Without the CDs we could get at least a couple fridges and a few more appliances.”
With there being such a digital presence, the number of people buying CDs has dropped.

“I still occasionally buy CDs,” Plattsburgh State student William Ross said. “but I can see why they would get rid of them if they aren’t making money.”

In Plattsburgh, if a student wants to purchase CD the most popularplaces are Walmart, Target and currently Best Buy. Just like Best Buy, Target used to be a wide carrier of music.
“Target has greatly reduced its music presence over the years,” stated on

“Customers who buy CDs won’t be that affected,” says Bourgeois, “Sales have been so low that the worst they will feel is disappointed.”

“CDs are not selling enough”, says Bourgeois, “and they also are hard to organize and take up space with lots of potential, I am all for them being gone from this store.”

“I don’t buy CDs that often anymore,” Plattsburgh State student Madison Odom said. “Only when an album comes out that I’ve been waiting for, then I get the hard copy. I may not listen to it but I still need it.”
In the past, the same decision to stop selling vinyl was made. The Los Angeles Times published an article about CDs rising in popularity and stores choosing to purchase CD formats instead of vinyl. Now in 2018, stores, including Best Buy, are carrying vinyl once again.

“If I were to buy a CD”, says Odom, “It would be at Best Buy or Target but I guess that’s going to have to change until they come back 10 to 12 years in the future anyway.”

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