Monday, June 27, 2022

Pisces shows vulnerability

By Abigail Azadian

Pisces, please take a break from staring at a wall, thinking about your most recent delusional thought to read this. Come back down to Earth for a second.

Pisces, putting this gently, but your heart is going to break either way.

The bar is below sea level for Pisces. Pisces love and trust people too much in detriment to themselves. They like to keep their rose-colored glasses on, which makes them gullible a lot. Their sister sign Virgo is the opposite in that way; they reserve their love, trust and sympathy for the important people in their life.

Pisces abandon judgement completely, and Virgos hold onto judgement to protect themselves and their loved ones. Pisces find God in people and then follow them like a cult — typically Taureans. Pisces are literally sluts for Taureans. Taureans bring the romantic, sensual side we love while also giving us stability that Earth signs bring.

Aquarius is adjacent to Pisces, meaning that they have the same ideals but just convey them differently. Aquarius are often deemed as aloof and detached — this is far from true. Aquarians are a fixed sign after all. When they love, they love deeply and become attached quickly. For Pisces, they are the same.

Pisces bathe in illusions and romantic notions, which make them a highly emotionally charged sign.

Aquarius’ are able to adopt an outside perspective of their emotions, which makes them level-headed and able to make clear-headed decisions. Pisces and Gemini are a hurricane.

Pisces’ imaginative spirit feeds Gemini’s tendencies to go everywhere physically and mentally. This can be great for world-building but also disastrous. Pisces and Libras both want the same things: to unify everyone. But Pisces will want it so much, they’re able to forgive and forget too easily (so are Libras).

Pisces absorb the emotions of others around them unknowingly; they find it difficult to accept that suffering will always exist in some form. In their perfect world, they would love to see everybody happy: in love and thriving.

When a Pisces sees their friends unhappy or upset, they will comfort them and provide them with words of encouragement. Earth signs say, “Haha! If you were right then why are you a failure in life?”

Being a water sign, they have similarities to fire signs but it manifests differently. Water and flames are ever-changing like their emotions. This makes Pisces bring out the emotional side with every fire sign, but they might regret afterwards.

Leos and Pisces can be great friends, but Pisces can be too sensitive for Leo’s flame. Pisces and Sagittarius love the world and their freedom, but Pisces also love love. This makes Pisces willing to put up with any kind of treatment and call it love.

Pisces need to stop romanticizing suffering if they ever want to be truly happy. It’s okay to leave your lover. Pisces and Aries are neighboring signs therefore share some qualities. Both share childlike qualities for better and for worse. Aries can be bold and Pisces need to learn to be bold. It can keep people from stepping on you.


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