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Pijuan brings entrepreneurial spirit

Plattsburgh state junior Alejo Pijuan fell in love with Plattsburgh State from the first time he visited.

Pijuan is from Buenos Aires, but he has lived in Mexico City for six years.

His brother who just graduated is a PSUC alumnus. Two and a half years ago, Pijuan came to see his brother. What he likes about Plattsburgh the most is the friendliness of the people here.

“Plattsburgh is way different from where I have lived before,” he said. “Everything made me feel comfortable, and it was not intimidating at all. That was the reason why I decided to come here.”
Pijuan is currently a PSUC full-time student double majoring in math and computer science.

“When I was four, I remember that I was really good at math,” he said. “I really enjoy exploring and thinking about math.”

Pijuan said math was the field he wanted to do and study further in the future.

A week before attending Plattsburgh State for the first time, he was actually about to be a finance student.

However, his parents ask him if that was what he really wanted to do. Then, Pijuan realized he wanted to study math.

After coming to Plattsburgh, he was in a program called “Intro to Computer Science” and he believed he could be good at it.

That’s when Pijuan decided to major in another field which was computer science.

As a junior, he already planned out future goals.

Three years ago, Pijuan said he started entrepreneurship and started with sales.

“I enjoy it very much,” he said. “Two years ago, I also started trading finance markets or stock markets, and I was really into that.”

Last year, Pijuan started his own company. He teaches people how to trade markets.

Pijuan said he plans on keep doing that during his time at PSUC.

“And after graduating, I plan on going around the U.S and teach young people about trading markets,” he said. “Other than that, I want to make contacts to other businesses.”
Pijuan always aspires to challenge himself with new experience. He wants to be the one who decides if “I am successful or not”.

Pijuan said he travels a lot to teach people. He enjoys making what he knows become available for everybody who wants to learn and be successful.

“My purpose in life is for each person I meet,” he said. “When he or she looks back to the moment they met me, they realize that is the moment their life changed, even just a little bit.”

Besides business, one of Pijuan’s hobbies is singing. He is currently a member of PSUC Minor Adjustments.

Pijuan is also a brother in the Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity. His brother was also an alumnus in the fraternity.

He said he decided to join because he met the people he looked up to and wanted to be around.

Freshman international business major Andrea Cuadros met Pijuan in Clinton dining hall for the first time.

They became friends because they both found out they speak the same language.

“He was really nice and very out-going,” she said. “I was really impressed.”

Cuadros described Alejo as an “interesting, out-going and funny” person.

As a friend, she said he is also a good listener and willing to help anybody.

“He really loves people and cares about everybody,” she said.

Junior history education major Jon Bessette described Pijuan as an “outgoing, confident and self motivated” person.
“He always goes of his way and has no problem with talking to people,” Bessette said. “If you go with him, you will see he says hi to like 72 people.”

Pijuan loves making new friends and meeting people. He encouraged students to get involved as much as they can.

“Join clubs, join Greek life and be opened to live experiences,” he said. “You might regret what you did not do but not what you did.”

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