Friday, May 14, 2021

Photo Gallery: Counter demonstrations on Route 3 Oct. 24, 2020

Trump supporters held a demonstration alongside Route 3 in the old Friendly’s parking lot Saturday as they’ve done for weeks.

Counter demonstrations have been held across the street in response. For many opposite of the Trump supporters, the demonstrations are seen as hateful and with no clear motivation other than to incite anger.

“We just have to show the North Country that despite the overwhelming presence of their Trump signs, there’s good people out here,” Courtney Stone, a senior business administration major said.

For Trump supporters like Donna Arnold, they’re out to show, “this country that we support our president,” she said.

At times, the demonstrations became contentious with both sides shouting at each other from across Route 3.

Look for next week’s issue as we cover how Plattsburgh ramps up to the Presidential election with just days to go.

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