Sunday, May 19, 2024

Perspective: Easter Eggstravaganza

Mikayla Manello presents her bountiful egg harvest


By Kolin Kriner

Kolin is a community advocate for Whiteface and is therefore affiliated with Community Living.

On Easter afternoon, residents from all over the SUNY Plattsburgh campus eagerly participated in the ultimate Easter activity: an egg hunt.

Jada Lesley, a community advocate in Hood Hall, is a fan of the holidays, especially Easter. In anticipation of the celebration, she decided to plan an event honoring one of the holiday’s most popular traditions.

“I wanted to do something that would bring residents together in a fun way,” Lesley said.

The room was brimming with residents, and the stakes were high. Colorful eggs filled with candy were dispersed throughout all public spaces in Hood Hall. This meant that all nine floors and the basement were free game as potential hiding places. To make it even more competitive, eight golden eggs were hidden amongst the masses — each containing a gift card valued between $15 and $25.

“What’s hidden in the golden eggs are these paper slips,” Lesley explained. “People can use these to redeem gift cards.”

Raychael Bisig, a first year psychology major, was thrilled to participate in the event.

“I was excited to put on a cute Easter outfit and celebrate the holidays with others,” Bisig said.

When 2 p.m. rolled around, the hunt began.

Hood Hall was quickly filled from top to bottom with residents racing in search of the treasures concealed within the eggs. The eggs were snatched up within a few minutes. During the rush some residents, such as Bisig, walked away with only a few eggs but still said they had a good time.

“Candy is candy,” Bisig said. “I was just happy to have an excuse to hang out with friends.”

Other participants walked away a little more lucky. One of these individuals was resident Mikayla Manello, one of the prized golden eggs.

“It feels great, kind of exciting,” Manello exclaimed. “I mean, it’s $25.”

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