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Payne sets sights on sportscasting

Broadast journalism and television video production major Joyce’Alyn Payne hopes to have a career in broadcast journalism after her time at PSUC.

“My dream job would be to work for ESPN. I’m really interested in sportscasting. I was a co-anchor for Cardinal Sports Live for two seasons,” Payne said.

Payne is currently a news anchor for the North Country news show on Plattsburgh State Television, the student produced television station on campus. PSUC senior television production major with a radio and broadcast management minor Kamilah Badiane is the executive producer for PSTV.

As the executive producer, Badiane doesn’t work directly with Payne but said Payne’s work is highly recommended by her producers.

“She been a part of PSTV for a while,” Badiane said. “Because she has that familiarity with the shows and how things are run, she really know’s what she’s doing.”
Payne thinks her time at PSTV has taught her many things that will help her in the future.

“I think being a part of PSTV and getting that real world experience helps me a lot in terms of script writing, on camera performance, just being able to present myself in a professional manner. I think that helps a lot with that.”

Badiane met Payne through a Facebook page for incoming freshmen.

“I asked if there were other media majors in the group, and she replied and told me she was one too,” Badiane said. “We met up the first week, and it’s been like a match made in heaven ever since.”

Badiane’s thinks Payne’s personable and friendly nature is her strongest attribute.

“One thing that I love about her is that she has this social butterfly aspect to her,” Badiane said. “She’s willing to get to know everybody and anybody and she’s very kind toward those people.”

Payne is a resident assistant in DeFrendenburgh hall. Payne said that being an older sister to three younger siblings played a part in her decision to apply.

“I guess it was just this sense or feeling that I had, that led me to apply and I had a great experience this year and I have a great floor this year with great residents,” Payne said.

“My residents have been the ones to encourage me to continue to be an RA.”

Payne thinks that being an RA has changed the way that she interacts with people and has improved her skills when it comes to teamwork.

“I’m learning how to adjust to everyone’s different levels of reality and their perceptions and I think that’s a really great experience because the T.V. industry is 100 percent teamwork there’s nothing that you can do alone.

Payne is also the president of the Plattsburgh Association for Black Journalists on campus.

Payne said being the president of the organization has taught her many things.

“It gives me a lot of responsibility and it forces me to be a voice.” she said.

It has also taught her how to manage others and delegate tasks.

Badiane said that Payne really sparked her interest in joining the Plattsburgh Association of Black Journalists.

“She just has a great way of bringing people together,” Badiane said. “She came to me and said ‘we’re having a meeting on this topic that I think you would contribute to really well’ so I went to test it out”

Badiane said Payne’s outgoing and social manner is what makes it possible for her to interact with members of different organizations on campus.

“She really finds a way to get to the most human aspect of you,” she said. “There’s been times when I haven’t taken to a certain person and she’s always there to say ‘no give them a chance’ and then I can see what she see’s sometimes.”

Through her role as president of the Plattsburgh Association of Black Journalists, Payne has crossed paths with members for various organization on campus including The National Association of Black Accountants and Black Onyx, formally known as AKEBA.

“She’s so sociable, and I think that’s what makes it possible for her to bring different people to the table to have these conversations,” Badiane said. “She’s outstanding.”

Payne said that she hasn’t always been outgoing. She thinks that getting involved with different organizations on campus has developed a new side to her personality.

“It’s definitely been a major change. Freshman year, I wasn’t involved at all. I was kind of a hermit. I stayed in my room, I didn’t really have any friends but getting involved and putting myself out there has really helped me.” she said. “I grew as a person and become more mature, and it has allowed me to meet a lot of really great people.”

Payne thinks just the fact of being involved with clubs and organizations or entities like that on campus forces people to step outside of their comfort zone.

“I think that if I hadn’t done that during my time in Plattsburgh, I wouldn’t have had such a great experience,” she said.

Payne thinks preplanning and time management are equally important.

“I have three planners, I have a planner for school work, life and extra curriculars and one that’s a mix of both,” she said.

Payne said if she’s approaching a deadline for a story for the news show, she will work on that first and then make a new list of prioritize after completing the story.

“Always pre-plan your important tasks just in case anything does go wrong you’ll have a backup plan.”

Payne says her passionate nature is really what pushes her to reach her goals.

“I think that when I involve myself or indulge in any activity I give it my all,” she said. “Just because I’m involved in a few different things doesn’t mean that I’m going to give each thing a little bit of what I have. I’m going to give 100, 110 120 percent of what I have.”

Payne said her philosophy in live is to never stop learning.

“I’m not scared to ask for help if I don’t know anything, I think that’s the best way to grow,” she said. “The more you know, the better off you are and the more you can contribute to different things and branch out.

Payne has a passion for sports, especially baseball, and she hopes she can demonstrate that passion during her career as a sportscaster.

“ESPN is the top,” she said. “But I’ll probably get there and want to go higher.”

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