Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Passport event helps students

Attention all experienced and wishful travellers at Plattsburgh State. Brought back by popular demand, The Global Education Office, partnered with the United States Postal Service, is hosting a Passport Day event today from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Alumni Room at the Angell College Center. This event is sure to give anyone who wants a passport the easy access they’ve been waiting for.

An event like this hasn’t been hosted on campus in several years, according to Jamie Winters, Associate Director of the Global Education Office. “We were really excited when the post office was willing to partner [with us] and have this event on campus again,” Winters said. “We’re hoping that a lot of people take advantage of it.”

Anyone who doesn’t have a passport is encouraged to apply for one. Being so close to the Canadian border, with exciting places such as Montreal and Quebec, is one of the great things about PSUC, Winters said.

“Even if somebody isn’t planning a Study Abroad program, or a longer distance travel at the moment, it really makes sense to take advantage of going to Canada.”

With help from trained U.S. Postal Service employers, students can apply for a passport book and/or card, getting an official passport photo taken and developed on the spot. In addition to RSVPing to the USPS for a scheduled appointment, anyone interested must bring an unsigned but completed passport DS-11 application (which can be found in the GEO office in Kehoe 210), proof of U.S. citizenship, a photo ID, a front and back photo copy of your proof of citizenship and ID, and a method of payment for the $110 passport fee or $25 processing fee for a passport book.

If anything, the event can be seen as more of a convenience to students, faculty, and anyone else in the surrounding Plattsburgh area. “It’s helpful to not have to figure out where to go, and just be able to go to the ACC,” Winters said, similar to a “one-stop shop.”

Winters gives credit to the U.S. Postal Service for reaching out to GEO in order to hold this event. “We help coordinate it, spread the word and give them a space on campus, so we really wanted to tell the campus community that they’re going to be here,” she said.

To busy everyday students like junior Nelly Delacruz, President of Women of the SBE, an event like this is a great opportunity.

“With the high ratio of international students to domestic students, we need to advocate easier assets just to go to Canada.” Delacruz said. As an international business major, Delacruz takes an international marketing class, and needs to go across the Canadian border for important class projects. “It’s also just a cool way to explore the area that’s around you,” she said. Non-local students who aren’t from the north country area should take the time to, “explore where you’re going to school,” according to Delacruz.

For more information on applying for a passport, visit the PSUC Global Education Office website, or visit www.travel.state.gov for frequently asked questions from the United States Postal Service.
Now is the time to apply for a passport for all your business and pleasure needs, so there’s no better place to acquire one than at PSUC. This is one opportunity you won’t want to miss.

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