Thursday, June 20, 2024

Partying versus staying in debate

School is in full swing and that means students get the opportunity to return to the night-life during the week and weekends. From the house parties to the bars, partying is something that just seems to go hand in hand with college.

Personally, I love partying. Sometimes though, I get the occasional comment about being a “party girl,” which is something I really despise, because yes, I like to go out, but that doesn’t mean my life revolves around partying. I think there’s a ton of stereotypes that comes with people such as myself.

They don’t have their priorities straight. They just go out to hookup with strangers. They just go out to get drunk. They’re probably failing all their classes.

I went out a lot last year, and I managed to get straight A’s both semesters. I’m also the editor in chief for this newspaper, so that’s not too shabby either. I have a mild addiction to poker. I’m learning how to play the ukulele. I love playing ping pong. I enjoy reading magazines page to page. People have a lot of layers and dynamics to their personality.

I’m not perfect by any means, but I don’t think partying is something that impedes my college life or defines me as a person.

Let me explain why I enjoy partying. I like meeting people. I like to think I’m a social person with my extroverted personality. I love the feeling of seeing people from my classes and being in a relaxed enough setting to talk. I like having funny stories to tell my friends. I don’t see anything wrong with partying. At the same time, staying in is fine too.

I used to be someone who stayed in a lot because I was way more of an introvert a few years ago. It just clicked better with my personality at the time. However, I’ve changed quite a bit, so I think either lifestyle is completely fine. It’s just whatever fits your personality.

Rather than shame someone for their preferences, just find people that vibe with whatever you like to do on the weekends. If someone is pressuring you to go out and you really don’t want to, then don’t. Your real friends won’t judge you. And if your friends want to stay in all the time, and you want to branch out to the party scene, then hey, hit me up! Or you can try finding some classmates or people on your floor to go to a house party with. It’s an old saying but just do you.

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