Saturday, June 15, 2024

OurBus route proposed, SA waits to speak with admin

By Olivia Bousquet

The biggest topic of discussion at the Student Association senate meeting April 6 was about a potential service called OurBus, an intercity and commuter busing company.

Alexis Zhou, a representative from OurBus, presented via Zoom about the benefits of OurBus. The bus service would be there to serve students, and there would be no affiliation tied to the school. Unlike the shuttle bus, which is funded by the SA, OurBus would not cost anything to the SA. The company just wants busing signs to tell students that the option is available and a website listing. Students would be responsible to pay for their ride, which Zhou said was affordable, but she did not give an average price range.

Zhou said that a bus would arrive on Fridays and bring students to Albany, where there is easier access into New York City. Then the bus would bring students back to campus on Sundays. According to Zhou’s presentation, OurBus is the No. 1 app based for intercity transportation. She also said the busing system was “most popular with Cornell students in Ithaca,” and OurBus transports roughly 4,000 students each break.

Zhou said all buses have heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. Drivers and passengers must be masked while riding. Plattsburgh is isolated from NYC, Albany and Montreal, especially since Greyhound Busing stopped, according to Zhou.

Senators were confused by the proposal because their budget included an approval, but OurBus wasn’t looking for a contract from SA. Senator Carter Mosher was hesitant about saying yes, when school administrators and College Auxiliary Services haven’t heard of the busing system or been approached. Senator Nilay Vaida said she thought having the busing option available was a “good idea for international students,” because there is not any easy way to travel and many international students don’t have cars.
The senate voted to bring the proposal to administration to see their thoughts on OurBus coming to campus.

The Historical Association Club requested $340 to fund traveling expenses. The club has tickets for a Holocaust museum in Montreal April 16. The representative in attendance was the club’s former treasurer who plans to attend. She said 17 other members will be in attendance, and their adviser rented a van using department funds. The senate voted and approved the request of $340.

In other SA news, a new senator was elected into the SA. Senator Addhyan Kohli wanted to join because as a freshman, he was looking for more “experience and campus involvement.” He was already volunteering with SA and went to many Activities Coordination Board events, according to Mosher. Kohli wanted to be senator of arts because it’s a passion of his. He was elected into the position with three senators voting no. Then SA President Ahmed Metwaly swore Kohli into the senate.

During the senators’ reports and announcements, Mosher announced his resignation from the ACB board. The finance board also made a $340 approval, but it was not said what for.
To conclude the meeting, Presidential candidate Robert Henn introduced himself to the senate as a running candidate in the SA election. He also wanted to clear the air about his former impeachment from the senate. Henn said it was for his mental health, and Advisor Jacob Avery encouraged impeachment because Henn wouldn’t step down to focus on his mental health. Henn said it was best for him, and he’s in a better mental place now.

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