Sunday, May 19, 2024

Opportunities around every corner

Wow, it’s already a new year. Crazy, isn’t it?

We make such a big production of New Year’s Eve, from how wasted we plan to get, what party we have to go to or whom we spend it with. A significant other? Family? Best friends? Or maybe you’re in bed watching Netflix, scrolling through the “interesting” Instagram posts and wondering if you’re happy you didn’t give in to the pressure.

Maybe a part of you wishes that you had a cup in your hand, celebrating a day that’s supposed to mean a clean slate.

It’s funny how a ball dropping signifies that you get to start over and become a new you. What does that even mean? Are you ever really a new you? Is that even possible? If it is, quite a few of us would be happier than we are right now because that new us would be cooler, smarter and infinitely more attractive.

Alas, a resolution to go to the gym, text that person or try again at eyeliner (which I still suck at, by the way) still doesn’t change the fact that we are all weird people who do the wrong thing and still manage to misspell their own name on the attendance sheet.

Yes, I did that the other day.

Maybe we can take one good thing from a New Year’s resolution. We should try doing something outside of our comfort zone. Even crossing the street gives me enough anxiety to last me all day.

Try something different. Take Botany Club, for example. I’ve never been interested in plants before, but I went to a Botany Club meeting last week.

While I was very uncomfortable the whole time, I saw people around me were having a great time, laughing and picking bugs off of this plant. This isn’t really for me, but hey, it could be for you. Something different from what you’re used to can be super healthy and also introduce you to new people whom you never would have known.

Kick that comfort zone to the curb.

Take something that we always see in the movies as a rebellious, freeing moment, like singing in front of a bunch of people you don’t know. This could be embarrassing and scarring, but maybe you should try Coffee House Performance Night, Wednesday’s 9-11 p.m., in Burghy’s lounge in the ACC.

Let loose a bit, sing, play an instrument or sit in the audience and watch with friends. For maybe your resolution is to surround yourself with a mix of new and old people who could make this semester your best one yet.

Another activity to try is swimming. One of my friends went swimming the other night, and my first question was, “Why?” Well, it’s free. While I feel like everything for college students should be free at this point, that seems like a pipe dream. Memorial Hall is open for swimming all week long.

Instead of putting yourself out there, take the back seat. Sometimes experiencing new things requires an observing point, like being an audience member or letting your friends fight over the radio while you’re chilling out in the backseat.

There’s a play, “First Born,” being put on March 3-6, in Myers Hall. Look at it with fresh eyes and the comfort of being on the outside, looking in at performers who have completely immersed themselves in their role. Give it a shot, especially if you’re not someone who goes to plays or musicals. It could be one of the best moments of your semester, if you let it be.

This semester can be anything you want it to be. Maybe clean slates don’t exist, and New Year’s resolutions are just an added responsibility none of us want to deal with, but it’s possible that you are in total control of your happiness, and opening yourself up to new things could go a long way in finding out who you are in these four years of self-discovery.

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