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On-campus vs. Off-campus

The end of the semester comes with a lot of decisions. If you are a sophomore or older an important decision you have to make is choosing whether to stay on campus or move off campus. 

Living on campus can be the best choice for some students. Laundry is included and it’s in your building. You don’t have to look through couch cushions for coins, and you don’t have to go to the bank and exchange precious cash for quarters. 

If you’re a person that needs structure there are more rules in dorms. You are being watched by a resident assistant so you’re less likely to engage in reckless behavior and more likely to focus on work.

Senior computer science major Max Delavalle recognized homework has been harder to complete since he moved off campus. 

“Instead of having one roommate to distract me, I now have nine,” Delavalle said. “It’s hard to have time alone with so many roommates constantly coming in and out of my room.”

One big perk to living on campus is free food events. Trust me when I say there is no free pizza and wings when you live off campus. Free events also help you socialize and meet everyone in your building. 

There are downfalls to living on campus: One being you have less space. You share one room and only half the room is yours; when you live off campus, you get your own room and your own space for your stuff.

“It[Living off campus] just feels more like home,” junior communication science

 and disorder major Randi Strike said. “I can finally personalize my room the way I’ve always wanted without wondering whether my roommate likes it.”

Living off campus can you help you to get the full-college experience. You have full independence. You can blast music in the shower, be as loud as you want(as long as your roommates are OK with it) and you can have more than four people in your room, and it’s not considered a party. 

There is also better food off campus. This is because you get to choose what food you want to eat, and you have a full-size fridge to keep everything in. You can still purchase an off-campus meal plan. They come with more Cardinal Cash and can allow you to experience all the amazing food that Plattsburgh city has to offer like Sawatdee and Hungry Bear. 

Off-campus living means more money out of your wallet. You have to pay for utilities, WiFi, laundry and groceries. They might seem like little things, but they add up. 

Public relations major and junior, Ryann Senzon hates spending money.

“It really sucks spending my own money,” Senzon said. “Especially when I open my bank account and re

alize I’ve spent $100 in the past two days.”

Commuting can be annoying too. Some off-campus apartments are too far away to walk from so you have to drive. That means leaving an extra 10 minutes early to class to try and find a parking spot. We all know the parking on this campus sucks, so the chances of finding a spot are slim. 

Deciding whether to live on campus or off campus is ultimately up to financial aid and your personal preference. 

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