Tuesday, January 26, 2021

On-campus jobs help students build resume

As a college student, students are given many opportunities especially in the career aspect.

There are many on-campus jobs in Plattsburgh State in which helps advance in future career choices.

Having work-study or simply applying for certain jobs on campus can lead to a more descriptive and better the resume and skills that students have achieved.

PSUC junior public relations major Victoria Torres is very involved on campus in which she was able to have a resume with much details and forwarding her knowledge in her career route.
She is a part of the Technical Production Crew in which they set up and break down all events on campus.

“I know how to tell the difference between light fixtures, stage directions, and more,” she said.

Torres is also a teacher’s assistant for a grammar and a speech class in PSUC.
“I enjoy seeing students improve and also bettering my knowledge in helping people and working with others,” she said.
Torres said working an on-campus job is a great way to start building work ethics while also having job experiences.

Furthermore, senior peer career assistant with a major in biology adolescent education Janelle Burgos said on-campus jobs “provides students with certain skills that they need in the long run.”
She said some steps when looking for a job was to “come by the career office for a resume and cover letter help or review then start looking for jobs”.

She mentioned some options of different jobs for the specific majors in this school.

For example, Burgos said if one is an education major, PSUC has a system called Project Connect, which students are able to teach young kids in the elementary school around the area.
She also mentioned if one is a biology major, there are many on-campus jobs in the science department.

“You gain confidence because you know what you are doing and you uphold certain skills that may impress your superiors,” Burgos said.

PSUC director of the Career Development Center, Julia Overton-Healy, mentioned many aspects in why working on campus will help you and your resume.
She indicated how employers don’t only look for good grades but also work experience.

“Having an on campus job advances your work ethic, builds employment history and networking,” she said
Through networking, she said it is important because students are making certain connections with people while building skills.

She also explained how many students with jobs are practicing time management because students not only have classes but are also involved with many clubs and are working.
Given a scenario of where a journalism major student should look for a job, Overton-Healy said different offices such as marketing and communications can be very helpful.

She said employers want leadership. If students don’t have time for a job, Overton-Healy recommended students should try to be a part of clubs or organizations and “serve the university somehow.”

She suggested students should have a resume that is only one page with relevant and meaningful details.
With many opportunities on-campus jobs, students have no choice but to be active in PSUC.

Website such as Career Shift helps students find jobs while in college and out of college. Having jobs in college help students gain experience and employers get to know them better.

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