Sunday, May 19, 2024

Old trends seen at Coachella

Welcome to Coachella, California road sign with palm trees backdrop


By Victoria Campbell

Coachella trends are becoming the talk of the fashion world, whether that’s because of the influencers, artists or makeup. 

Streetwear fashion has increasingly become more prevalent during these festivals, precisely the boho chic style, with skirts, cowboy boots, cowboy hats or denim on denim.

Over the years, we have seen an increase in influencers from TikTok, Instagram or YouTube attending, which changed the atmosphere of this music festival. Influencers spend more money on posts than experiencing the concert for what it was. 

Specific influencers, like Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner or Cardi B, go to these events and spend money on outfits or stylists and post instead of enjoying the concert.

However, this year, a lot has changed. The boho style was much more prevalent in 2016 and has resurfaced this year at Coachella. 

The style expectations this year have changed. People are wearing Crocs, sneakers and boots. Shoes have changed, becoming more comfortable instead of dramatic.

Beyonce has become a significant influence with this year’s Coachella with her hit country song and album. Attendees are seen wearing cowboy hats, buckle belts, fringe and vests, which have returned to the 2016 vibe of the event.

Another major trend we have seen is the 90s punk style. This style includes leather, goth-lace, plaid and skater fashion. Skater style consists of oversized shirts, baggy pants, beanies, Vans and bomber jackets. 

The new trends we see at Coachella — the western, boho and skater vibes — are fantastic. I have always liked the boho style and hoped it would return in style, with its fringes, big belts, cowboy boots and hats. While Beyonce could have heavily influenced this style, I hope the style will continue to trend. 

When social media influencers started attending, Coachella became more of a fashion show than a concert. It was more of a competition, and it made everyone want to be there, to see for themselves what the event entailed, but it was still highly unrealistic, the price tags on the clothing for everyday people. 

Heavily respected influencers and musicians, such as the ones listed above, will continue to lead the trends of these well-known concerts. This season, the two top trends we saw were the western boho chic style and the 90s vibe while still maintaining comfort at the three day long concert.


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