Sunday, January 24, 2021

Offense picks up pace

Plattsburgh State men’s soccer has started coming on strong, going on a three-game winning streak after beating Clarkson, Union and Castleton.

Before playing Clarkson the team believed that the offensive was really starting to click. Now, the Cardinals believe that they have been improving on the offensive game, but there is still room for improvement.

“I think statistically for sure,” head coach Chris Waterbury said. “I think a big part of our offense really clicking is because everyone has bought into really good team defense and switches.”

Waterbury said the turnovers that the defense is creating are allowing the offense to capitalize on opportunities.
Before Clarkson, junior midfielder Fabian Chaparro predicted the team would score two goals, and the team surpassed that mark in the game, winning 3-1.

Chaparro said the team is starting to click on the offensive side of the ball.

“I think we are going to come out strong. We are a lot more attackive than before,” Chaparro said. “We have been practicing on that. I think we are just going to come out high-press and attack.”

In the game against Clarkson, sophomore forward Alexis Archilla was able to add another goal to his team-leading total of seven, with freshman forward Nicholas Laurent contributing two goals in the victory. Chaparro tallied a pair of assists in the win, tieing him for the team lead in assists with three on the season.

Waterbury said even in the win, the match against Clarkson was one of the better games.

“I thought in moments we needed to be more composed,” Waterbury said. “We were giving fouls at inopportune times, I wouldn’t go as far to say we played poorly, I’m happy with the win, im happy with the areas of progress and I’m also not happy with a couple areas that I just think we should have been better at.”

Going into the weekend, the Cards are coming off scoring 10 goals during the team’s three-game win streak. The offensive is starting to pick up as the season processes.

“You cause turnovers and it produces offensive chances,” Waterbury said. “So statistically we’re finding the back of the net more, but I think a little bit of that is a combination of offensively we are getting sharper and defensively we are really causing turnovers.”

Parrella said the team needs to keep playing their game the full 90 minutes using the style of play that Waterbury has put into place.

Chapparo said the team needs to build team chemistry, which is something that is built throughout the season.

“We are moving the ball pretty well, but like I said, it’s team chemistry,” Chappro said. “That’s where the ball movement comes from, so chemistry.”

Waterbury said one of the main things the team needs to work on for their next game against Skidmore College at 4 p.m. on Saturday is composure.

“To be truthful, there was just moments, even when it was 3-1, we are just bouncing around and losing our shape like we are down two goals trying to catch up,” Waterbury said.

“You’ve got to see the game and be smart at that point, and I was a little disappointed that we showed a little youth.”

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