Tuesday, April 16, 2024

North Star’s new narrative



By Cinara Marquis

For more than 35 years North Star, SUNY Plattsburgh’s student-run literary magazine has given students a space to share their work.

North Star Advisor Tracie Guzzio explained over email, “From the conceptual beginnings to the final product students are in charge.”

At the start of the year students vote for staff editors. They also decide what the year’s theme will be including the publication criteria and overall design and later, which submissions. The magazine is published at the end of the semester and a launch party where artists can share their work.

North Star accepts poetry, fiction, plays, non-fiction essays, podcasts, visual art, photography and this year it is also accepting music.

“It’s a wonderful way to share your art with the campus and add something to your resume,” Guzzio wrote.

The magazine encourages all students to submit their work.

The theme this year is “The Art of Resistance.” From political opposition to institutional unconformity and cultural rebellion, students at the magazine welcome a broad variety of ideas.

North Star will also be tabling in the Cardinal Creative Arts Festival on May 4. Editors will be sharing and reading from the magazine.

“As a young writer, I had poetry and fiction published in the literary magazine at my school. It gave me such confidence to see my name in print and to have people come up and tell me that they enjoyed my work,” Guzzio wrote. “I support anything that gives students that opportunity.”


To contribute, email northstarlitmag2024@gmail.com. Learn more by contacting Tracie Guzzio at guzziotc@plattsburgh.edu.

Read North Star at https://northstarmagazinecom.wordpress.com/.


The deadline for submissions is April 5.

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