Thursday, April 18, 2024

New PSUC club gives back to community

When it comes to helping a community in need, Plattsburgh State students are some of the best around. That’s why Craft for a Cause, one of the newest clubs on campus, is here for another year to simply give back.

Sophomores Aleah Tanriverdi, Becky Klein and Alice Disselt were involved in Craft for a Cause last year, and have since taken leadership positions as president, vice president and treasurer in order to keep the club going.

“We made a bunch of scarves last year and donated them to the local shelters here,” Tanriverdi said.

But this year, the board has many other ideas that go to the next level.

CFAC wants to emulate small local crafting and knitting groups from around the country that have gotten world-wide attention for their causes. Projects like Project Linus (knitting blankets and sewing quilts for children in need), The Pink Slipper Project (making slippers and washcloths to victims of domestic abuse) and the Mother Bear Project (crocheting teddy bears for children affected by HIV/AIDS) are just some of the crafts CFAC wants to mirror. “[We’re trying to] take global projects and make them local again,” Klein said, with the concept of bringing projects like these to the campus and city of Plattsburgh communities.

Other charitable activity goals include partnering with the maternity ward at CVPH Medical Center to donate knitted hats and booties for premature babies and simply knitting scarves and hats for people on campus when the cold weather hits the North Country. Of course, the club is open to any ideas that other active students might bring to the group in future meetings. “[This is] a really good opportunity to do something nice for people,” Disselt said.

CFAC welcomes anyone who knows how to knit, crochet or craft in any way, along with a passion to give back to the community. Klein, who has donated handmade items to The Pink Slipper Project in the past, is also an advocate for the act of knitting as a type of relaxation and self-healing, saying it’s “good for anxiety, and just something to do with your hands.”

Even if an interested student doesn’t know how to sew, CFAC is also willing to teach them in any way they can, with all the necessary supplies provided by the SA. “I don’t have [the] money to donate to causes that I care about, but I want to give back somehow.” Klein said. Taking an hour out of the day each week to come to a meeting and learn how to knit can sometimes be easier than volunteering, according to Klein.

“It’s so easy to feel helpless with everything going on. It’s super easy to feel like everything is awful,” Tanriverdi said. “I feel like this is a really good way to find things people do enjoy, and also do it for a good cause.”

Craft for a Cause will meet every Thursday night at 8:30 p.m. in Meeting Room 2 at the Angell College Center and are still looking for more members to join their cause. It’s clear that this group of powerful and active students already possess the potential to take a stand and make a difference, just by grabbing some knitting needles.

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