Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Myth: Link between sugar and cancer

There is a link between cancer and the amount of sugar people consume. Because sugar is a common substance to obtain, too much of it may link to cancer.
An article in Science Daily shows a study that excessive amount of sugar consumption could lead to cancerous cells having an expansion.

On the other hand, in an article in CNN, researchers show a study of older American adults not having a link between the amounts of sugar people consumed to the development of cancer.
PSUC biological science professor Dr. Kathleen Lavoie agrees that there is no link between cancer and sugar. Lavoie explained how cancer links to mutation in the DNA, and an example is smoking cigarettes.

“There is a common misconception that sugar grows cancer cells faster,” Lavoie said.

Believing that sugar has no connection with cancer, Lavoie explained, “Cancer grows faster on its own. If you are on a restricted diet, that is different”. She said that sugar connects with diabetes or heart disease.

“Excessive amount of anything can lead to obesity, and obesity can lead to diabetes then heart disease,” Lavoie said.

She then described how sugar might boost cancerous cells in the body.

“Cells do use sugar, the more sugar may increase cancerous cells, but it doesn’t mean sugar is the reason,” Lavoie said.

“Sugar does not have a direct relationship with cancer. There is no cause and effect,” PSUC junior biomedical science major Tabitha Akor said.
She said too much sugar might affect cancer in the body. With too much sugar causing obesity, it may lead to the cause of cancer.

“Cancer cells require glucose, and we consume so much glucose because it tastes good. Anything with sugar taste good,” Akor said.
She suggested students should be aware of their diet intake.

“In the UK, the highest amount of sugar is in the juice and we are risking our body,” Akor said.

She also explained how obesity is one of the biggest causes of cancer after smoking. She said being mindful of what to eat and drink is very important to the health.

“People who drink energy drinks usually work out because they are losing glucose from working out and gaining it back with the amount of sugar in an energy drink,” Akor said.
“The amount of sugar we consume can lead to cancer, but we should try and maintain our sugar,” PSUC freshman biology major John Augustin said.

He said many people don’t realize how much sugar they are consuming because it makes everything taste better
“Sugar goes in cells and consuming a lot of sugar exposes your body to become unhealthy,” Augustin said.

He also said balancing water and sugar might help decrease the link to cancer.

Out of all the cancers, he said lung cancer might link to sugar out of all other types of cancer.

“I think lung cancer links to cancer more but in reality your whole body is affected,” Augustin said.

Some scientists believe there is no evidence that shows that there is a direct link between the two, whereas others believe that sugar may have a huge impact on the increasing of cancerous cells.


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