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Moore brings enthusiasm to radio

Since Jack Moore was 15 years old, he has had a particular interest in radio.

His brother, who used to be a member of Oneonta’s radio station, first introduced him to the wondrous world of radio. Since then, Moore has known it was something he wanted to do as a career.

As a TV-video production and audio-radio production double major, Moore has been a part of PSUC’s radio station 93.9 FM WQKE, the Quake since his first semester. Today, as a junior, Moore has climbed up in the executive board and is now the vice president of the station. Before earning the position of vice president, Moore was encouraged by a previous program director to join the executive board. As a sophomore, Moore was elected to promotions director and then decided to run for vice president last semester.

As the vice president, Moore is responsible for overseeing multiple aspects of the station. He is in charge of keeping orderly weekly schedules, making sure sound quality is up to standards and that all the DJs are doing their jobs and everything runs smoothly. Moore considers himself a “hype man” for the Quake because he wants to promote the club’s image and reputation.

“It’s more so being a figurehead and being a helping hand for the DJs and trying to keep everything moving and keep the station growing as a whole,” Moore said.

During his first semester on the Quake, Moore got his own weekly show called “Amateur Hour.”

“I just jumped in and got a show and called it ‘Amateur Hour,’” Moore said. “I remember my reasoning was I wanted to make mistakes and have it be OK because it’s just ‘Amateur Hour.’”

As an amateur, Moore received plenty of advice and help from existing club members. Rasheed Trombley, who is now a PSUC alumnus, was already on the executive board for the Quake when Moore joined. Trombley, who was production director of the Quake, said Moore would show up to meetings with ideas or just to be present.

“Anybody that knows Jack, knows his presence enters the room before he does,” Trombley said. “He’s always in a good mood and always ready to do something and it’s infectious to everyone else and it’s refreshing.”

Trombley enjoyed getting to know lots of different people during his time on the Quake. He said joining was a good decision because it’s nice “knowing I am able to be a part of something and I can always go back and see other people enjoying it.”

Moore is involved in other groups on campus as well. He is a member of PSUC’s ultimate frisbee team, a co-chair for the Athletics Committee and calls hockey play-by-plays for PSTV. He’s also a member of the Ski and Snowboard Club and is going to be on the executive board next semester.

Moore loves skiing whenever he gets the chance. He said he goes two to three times a week now and hopes to be able to ski whenever he wants after graduation. Although his interest has always been in radio, Moore recently discovered a passion for creating and editing sports and outdoor videos. A recent video posted online by Moore, featuring a student snowboarder gliding through PSUC’s campus, has received over 172,000 views on The Weather Channel in less than two weeks.

“I’m not 100 percent sure where I want to go, but I definitely need to live in a ski town by the time I get settled in with everything,” Moore said. “That’s my plan.”

Junior business administration major Andrew Miller is one of Moore’s roommates as well as the promotions director of the Quake. As promotions director, Miller is in charge of making T-shirts, posters, drink koozies and other promotional items. Miller jokes that he’ll one day get Moore kicked out of the radio show, but according to Moore, vice president has executive rule.

“We have a really good, dynamic e-board,” Moore said. “People are down to contribute extra time even if it inconveniences them.”

Moore currently lives with three of the six executive board members of The Quake and plans to move in with four members next semester. They plan on calling their house the “Radio Shack,” where beach jams and throw-backs will be playing consistently Moore said.

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