Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Mobile app helps graduates

For seniors stressing over finding a job, there might be a solution.

LinkedIn released a new mobile app on iOS and Android devices April 18, aimed to help college students find their first job after graduation. The app is said to help students explore possible careers, expand their professional network and browse through appropriate job listings, according to

When a student opens the app, it gives them items to search through. First, there’s a career suggestion based on their college and major. Then, there are recommended career-related articles followed by a few suggestions of jobs that alumni with similar majors from their college have pursued.

Finally, the app suggests an actual open job position that students might be interested in. It has a similar set-up to similar to the dating app Tinder.

PSUC sophomore business administration major Julissa Vera said she would definitely use the app for building connections.

“I think that’s awesome. It would be way more effective,” she said. “I don’t know where to start. The only thing I know is to go on Cardinal Connect.”

Cardinal Connect is an online career service that helps students, employers and alumni find internships and jobs.

Vera said she would highlight her own profile by explaining her experience with leadership positions at PSUC. So far, she has been the Philanthropy Chair of Sigma Delta Tau, Future Fraternal Leaders and the Interfraternal Relations for Greek Week.

Because she is a business major, she thinks these would be great aspects for her profile.

PSUC triple major in public relations and multimedia and magazine journalism Franchesca Caputo said the app would help her with connecting with other people online.

“Personally, it could help me look for serious jobs while juggling other part time jobs and everything else,” Caputo said. “It lets younger people check job opportunities in a nontraditional way, which is less time consuming and just an overall easier process.”

While students reacted positively to the idea of the app, Director of Plattsburgh State Career Development Center Julia Overton-Healy said the app shouldn’t be the only networking students are involved in.

“I think it’s a new version of online job boards. Much like students used to go to monster — and some still do — or,” Overton-Healy said. “You go through jobs, and click through different jobs until you see something you’re interested in.”

However, Overton-Healy said it’s up to the student to research the job carefully, research the company and research the business the company is in.

Overton-Healy said to make a great LinkedIn profile, students have to understand what their values and core interests are and understand their weaknesses so they can make room for improvement.

She said that while making a successful profile, students need to communicate who they are rather than simply listing facts about them.

“If they’re looking at apps that post jobs, that’s not strategic. It’s convenient but it’s not a strategic mindful plan,” she said. “If you’re waiting for someone to post your dream job that’s amazing and fabulous, that may never happen.”

Overton-Healy said students be active with networking. She also said not all the jobs and careers will be listed in the app, so students should be diligent in seeking out jobs through word of mouth, as well.

Networking is the best technique to finding a job, according an article on The article analyzed studies and suggested that people should reach out to specific contacts more personally through phone calls and emails.

Vera said that students shouldn’t just rely on the app for connecting with people.

She said she’s already made connections during her first two years of college, and that’s not something she accomplished using an app.

“There’s an importance in making connections with other people, even people not related to your major. Be connected. Stay connected,” Vera said.

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