Monday, October 25, 2021

Women’s tennis drops two in Oneonta

Garrett Collins

Women’s tennis took a roadtrip last week to Oneonta to take on the Hawks Saturday Sept. 10. SUNY Plattsburgh went 1-2 in doubles and  2-4 in singles. Senior Bri Miller went 2-0, winning with partner Jacquline Svantner over Jessica Best and Jess Sexton, and winning her singles game over Sexton. Sarah Hoffner won her singles match against Victoria Wilson.

The day started with 3 doubles matches. The first match saw Hartwick win by three points with a final score of 8-5. The second set was mostly the same, with Plattsburgh only scoring 3 compared to the 5 from the last match. The third and final match of doubles proved to be the one where the Cardinals would finally prevail, as the combination of  Miller and Sophomore Jacquline Savantaner would win the final match where they would double their opponents Jessica Best and Jess Sexton’s scores winning 8-4. This doubles win is the fourth doubles win on the season keeping her undefeated doubles record intact with an impressive 4-0 record.  For Svantner this was also her fourth win of the season also keeping her undefeated record safe at 4-0


Women’s tennis would lose their first single match of the day with Plattsburgh losing the first set 6-7 and would drop the second set 6-1. Plattsburgh clocked 2 and 4 points in set one and two, losing both sets in the second match. The third singles match saw Plattsburgh get their first singles win of the day. That wind would come from senior Sarah Hoffner who won her first set over Victoria Wilson 6-4. The second set was a different story however, when Victoria Wilson crushed Hoffner 6-1.

The third and final set saw Hoffner push back where she would rip Wilson 10-5. Singles match number four was a disappointing two set loss for Plattsburgh. The Cardinals would make their way back into the win section after Miller notched her second singles win of the season over Jess Sexton winning both sets 6-1, putting her total at 2-2 on the season for singles. Hartwick would ultimately win the game 3-6 putting the Cardinals record at 1-3 putting them 2 games under where they need to have a winning record.  The team hopes the future slate of games against Oneonta and Farmingdale can turn things around.

On Sept. 18, tennis once again found themselves in the town of Oneonta not to play Hartwick But to play their crosstown neighbors, the SUNY Oneonta Red Dragons. The Duo of Nicole and Samantha Svantner won the finals doubles match of the day against Ariel Loucks and Brianna Harmon. Bri Miller would clock the only Singles Victory of the day beating Ariel Loucks.

The first matches of the day were doubles and Plattsburgh once again was able to clock one win during the whole section. In the first match the Red Dragons beat Plattsburgh 8-1. The second match was a lot of the same with Plattsburgh once again losing 8-1. The third set of doubles saw the Cardinals flip the script entirely, with the sophomore duo of Nicole and Samantha Svantner getting a big win over Ariel Loucks and her partner brianna Harmon by the score of 8-2. This win for Nicole and Samantha is both their second doubles win of the season keeping their record for the season at an even 2-2 record.Looking to translate the momentum of the final doubles win into singles the Cardinals would come into this part of the day hoping to leave with a win. Unfortunately the singles match didn’t go as well as they hoped, dropping the 1st game where the Cardinals were only able to score one point in the second set and in the 2nd game where the Cardinals were only able to clock one point in the first set.  The Cardinals scored one point in each set of their third game and would only score two points in the first set in the 4th game. It wasn’t until the 5th game, the Cardinals were able to break through and get the first singles win of the day. The win came once again from Bri Miller who got her 3rd singles win of the season putting her at 3-2 on the year for singles. The win had her taking both sets over opponent Ariel Loucks 7-5, 6-3.  Trying to find consistency the Cardinals looked to leave singles with two wins but unfortunately that didn’t happen. The final singles game saw the Cardinals score 3 points in each set losing both 3-6.

The Cardinals now sit at a 1-4  record and pins Plattsburgh’s back against the wall making these next couple games v.s. Farmingdale and Castleton are even more important. If the Cardinals want to make this year’s SUNYAC Tournament they need to win these next couple games.

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