Tuesday, July 23, 2024

‘Madame Web’ disappoints: A box office flop most of us saw coming


By Kolin Kriner

Weaving itself into a web of poor storytelling and bland characters, “Madame Web,” directed by S.J. Clarkson, is one of the most pitiful excuses of a superhero film.

With long drawn out scenes of Pepsi cans and a finale that takes place at a Pepsi factory, it seems like an elongated ad. This film brings nearly nothing to the table. 

The screenwriting is lazy, the characters are not only boring but unlikable, and each scene feels trivial. On top of all of this, the only supersuit consistently seen in the film is worn by one of the worst supervillains in film.

Even a bad movie can be saved by the cast, but despite how star-studded it was, with massive names such as Dakota Johnson and Sydney Sweeney, no one delivers noteworthy performances. 

Johnson leads the cast, playing Cassandra Webb, and it is quite obvious that she did not want to do this film. It feels like she is barely trying. Her character is also ruined by her dialogue, which feels elementary.

The movie has only a handful of scenes, all of which take place in the future, where characters actually have powers and supersuits. However, past the few minutes of screen time these honestly cool powers and suits get, the rest of the movie just feels like filler. 

If anything, this film would work better as a prequel to already established characters. If they made a film based on the actual superhero based scenes of this movie, it would be easier to have some level of respect for this film. 

The movie quite literally serves as a two-hour waste of time to introduce a character whom literally no one cares about, including the actor who played her.

I do not recommend this film as I didn’t even want to keep watching it. You might as well watch “Final Destination.” It’s essentially the same thing, just good.


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