Monday, January 18, 2021

Long winter provides outside fun

While there’s officially two weeks left until March 19, the end of the winter season, many wish winter’s end would come sooner.
Winter may not be the season that many look forward to when compared to summer, but it has some great benefits to offer that can’t be found in any other season.

Though I’m not a winter sports person myself, winter brings fresh snow for sick runs down the mountain for snowboarders and skiers. They aren’t the only ones that benefit from the cold weather and fresh snow.

While winter sportsmen can’t wait to tear it up on the snow, the year’s first snowfall can produce a fuzzy feeling inside.

An aesthetically pleasing winter day can uplift your spirits much like a beautiful summer day. A nice winter day can lead to snowshoeing through the woods and enjoying a bask in nature much like a summer nature walk. If snowshoeing is not your activity of choice, you can head out and enjoy some ice skating perhaps under a beautiful night sky.

While on the subject of the night sky for those more daring and romantically inclined, you can take your special someone out on a winter picnic. The idea may not seem appealing to everyone, but if you bundle up, you’ll probably be the only people at the park.

The cold climate, while hazardous to our health at times, also does us good in that same area. The colder climate kills off various disease-carrying microorganisms and insects. On a more pseudo-science or philosophical level, or however you choose to look at it, certain people embrace the cold weather.

For them, it is a test of willpower to increase their physical resistance. Others see it as nature’s energy drink to start the day off being alert.

If you’re biased against the outside or sports, you don’t need either to take advantage of winter. A 2012 study by Newcastle University analyzed the patterns of 1.3 million cell phone users and found that during harsh weather, the lengths of their calls increased.

If that doesn’t get you, just look at it this way: Winter is the only season where you can marathon Netflix’s latest offerings for the whole weekend and not be coaxed to go spend time outside. Even better than that, sometimes winter weather leads to a snow day.

Who doesn’t love a day off, and better than that, an unexpected one? Now you can stay in and watch Netflix guilt-free.

You might think, “That’s great and all, but there will probably be class the next day, and it’s freezing.”

But I have a secret that makes winter great. After walking through cold and wet streets all day, you can go home and have all the hot chocolate you’d like. And if that’s not your thing, you can crawl in bed with all your blankets and favorite pillows.
Who doesn’t love wrapping themselves up in blankets and relaxing after a long day?

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