Sunday, April 14, 2024

Literature Club continues flipping pages

By Sydney Hakes

 For those with a passion for reading, the solitude of sitting down with a book can be an ideal break from the stresses of college life. Literature Club extends a hand into the solitary to invite book-lovers to a social and discussion-based meeting every week.

 Literature Club meets Thursdays at 7 p.m. at the Wilson Commons in Champlain Valley Hall. The comfy lounge environment heeds to relaxed conversations for the following hour. 

With a four person e-board and fluctuating attendance between semesters, the first few meetings are used to get to know one another, and specifically the genres everyone is interested in. They read short stories to determine the type of reading everyone may be interested in, and then throw out ideas for a book which will then be voted on.

Only one book is chosen for the semester, which are then bought with funding from the Student Association.

“We would not survive with SA funding,” Nina Serafini said. “All we ask for is the price of 15 to 20 books, but that can really add up. It’s great they’ve chosen to financially support a club like ours.”

Serafini, a triple English major and the club secretary, joined the club in her first year at the insistence of her mom telling her to join a club. Now a senior, the Literature Club has been her constant.

She has seen the evolution of the club, from the low points of COVID-19 to an influx of about 20 members during her first semester as secretary.

Serafini said the book of the semester has already been chosen, and will be revealed to the members in the near future. Missing the first meetings doesn’t mean students can’t join halfway into the semester. Literature Club is always happy to welcome new members of all majors.

“Many of us aren’t even English majors,” Serafini said. “We’re just people who like to read outside of academic obligations.”

Treasurer Abigail Landolf is a hospitality and public relations major who joined the club in the fall of 2021. While her major isn’t related to reading or writing, she has always loved reading as a hobby. 

“I read anything from murder mystery to cheesy rom-coms,” Landolf said. “We have done different books every semester, and I’ve gotten to read ones I normally wouldn’t on my own.”

Once the book comes in, the weekly meeting will be reserved for reading, discussing and socializing with other people.

“Literature club is a place to escape from all your school work and to read a story with friends who like to share and discuss it over,” Jillian DenDanto, vice president and double English major, said. “A meeting typically entails us as a group reading together and reflecting on what we read. Anything from likes to dislikes, questions and comments, we like to hear people’s thoughts.”

While they’re ready to welcome new members, they’ve also had many returning members. Digital media production senior Natalia Quinones has been a part of Literature Club for three years. She had loved to read as a kid, but as she got older and busier, she found she wasn’t reading as much. She joined to reconnect to that thing she once loved.

“The club provides a chance to meet new people, read something interesting and have fun,” Quinones said. “The officers provide a welcoming and safe environment for everyone. I’m so grateful I found this club and hope others can feel the same.”

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