Sunday, July 21, 2024

Libras lack own personality

By Abigail Azadian

Libras — grab some tissues, because no one is actually going to continue to buy into your fake persona. You’re not innocent.

Libra suns tend to trigger savior complexes in people, mostly Earth signs. However, Capricorns are out of the question for Libras. Libras tend to be sad — for like five minutes, but don’t worry, if you put something shiny in front of them they’ll forget all about it.

This zodiac likes the idea of Virgos until Virgos’ critical attitude towards everything kicks in which doesn’t take long. Libras don’t like to keep Virgos around because Virgos keep giving them reality checks they can’t handle. Libras are too frivolous to ever have something long lasting with Virgos.

Mixing Taureans with Libras is a petty fight so bad no reality television show would want to air. Y’all are cute. Fighting over which one has better taste. Everyone knows y’all would bring home a dumpster on fire and call it art. It’s not edgy or unique, it’s lunacy. Will Libras ever stop romanticizing garbage?

To be clear, Libra suns’ taste in lovers? Trash.

Taurus and Libra alike, are ruled by Venus, but Libras make it known to everyone. It’s not because they actually care — they’re doing it for attention.

The water sign of air signs, Libras spiral too often to ever be on their A-game. Libras and Pisces are delusional on their own, but together they can trick anyone into their fantasy world. Libras and Pisces would make great writers with their imagination, if they could ever stop crying to actually pick up a pen and write.

Cancers and Libras play therapy with each other. By “therapy,” they basically validate each other’s poor decisions and call it support. In order to see a growth in Libra, one must be around somebody who will call them out on their lies and toxic behaviors.

Libras don’t invite Scorpios to their subpar dinner parties for this reason.

Also, crying in the shower counts — stop playing yourself.

Giving life to the fire signs until the fire is uncontrollable, Libras are the perfect contender. Leos need Libras to fuel their egotistical flame, and Libras are there to take Leo’s personality as their own.

Aries and Libras are sister signs, but that doesn’t mean they get along. Like siblings, if they’re in a room together, they’ll fight for the room’s attention. Just drop it, Libras, you’ll never win against an Aries. Next time, don’t enter a competition — you are too sensitive to handle this type of rejection.

Many Sagittarians are smart enough to not bring Libras around them, because they can’t take Libras’ lies and the latest personality they got from a movie/book/friend/lover.

Honestly, Libras with other Libras is a combination for a dumb outcome. No decisions get made because Libras need other people to make up their minds for them. Geminis are way too fast for Libras. Plus, Geminis change their personality so much, it’s hard for Libras to change theirs at the same pace. It’s a lost cause.

Aquarians bring knowledge and facts that Libras love to ignore. Libras love to act smart, but really they’re just reiterating the last podcast they heard. Aquarians have no problem popping Libras’ self-centered bubble to remind them of the bigger picture. Geminis and Aquarians can see right through it and will hold them accountable.

Libras’ true match isn’t with any zodiac sign. Instead, they’re a perfect match for attention, expensive clothes and questionable decisions. Any zodiac sign will want a Libra while they’re dining out, because they are the sign that will flirt with the server to get free dessert. Of course they’re doing it for validation, but who doesn’t like free dessert?

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