Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Know your alcohol limits, learn safety

By Kiyanna Noel 


 Vodka, tequila, rum and other varieties of alcohol could lead anyone down a dangerous road of alcoholism, alcohol poisoning and bad decisions. Throughout my time at SUNY Plattsburgh, I have seen students get drunk in a variety of ways and end up in many dangerous situations: some with alcohol poisoning and others getting injured or hurting others. 

The past two weekends at SUNY Plattsburgh, I have walked students to their dorms or the place where they are residing. These students I have never met before nor did I have any personal connection to them besides seeing them at the same location I was. Both were visibly without a friend, unable to form a coherent sentence and expressed that they had been drinking heavy amounts of alcohol.

 The importance of knowing your limit creates a safe environment for you and those around you. While drinking can enhance your fun in the moment it can also make the people around you feel unsafe and can hinder your self-awareness. 

Psychology major Kathryn Guyer has been around students who were overly intoxicated and had to watch over them as she knows it can be risky to be drunk and alone.

“You can’t always trust the people around you enough to keep you safe,” Guyer said. “Not knowing your limit and going out and getting more drunk than you thought, you lose control of yourself and your own safety.”

Guyer even mentioned that it’s important to keep an eye out for each other, be aware and not leave anyone alone or behind. 

Guyer knew that if her friends were ever to get too drunk, she would be the one to make sure they all got home safe. Even though it worried her, Guyer “knew that her safety was entirely in my hands and no matter what I was going to get her home.”

Hospitality management and public relations major Abigail Landolf works at the Magnus Ridge winery. Landolf has seen many people come in and out of the winery, even some asking for her opinions on which is better for specific percentages and prices. However, she consistently warns customers about knowing their limits when it comes to drinking. 

“I think it’s important to know your limit because if something were to happen or you were to get injured, people that are drinking won’t necessarily be able to help you,” Landolf said. “Also, some people do things they regret when they get drunk, and when you put a lot of people doing that and not knowing their limits in one room, things can happen.”

Anything can happen to someone who doesn’t know their limit. In any environment, it is important to be able to get yourself home safely with your friends, family or even a night out on your own. Landolf explained how not knowing your limits can hinder this. 

“If you don’t know your own limits you want to be able to keep yourself safe, especially if your friends leave you, someone is bothering you or just trying to maneuver around people,” Landolf said. “You don’t want to be incapacitated and not be able to walk yourself home, avoid running into things or even stand up for yourself.”

In today’s society, a stranger can be a guardian angel to help guide you or someone waiting to take advantage of you. It’s important to remember your limit because it can save you from regrets, embarrassment or even assault. As a society, everyone should look out for each other, but most importantly, everyone needs to look out for themselves to avoid losing control of themselves in any situation. 


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