Monday, January 18, 2021

KKK recruits with goodies

The Ku Klux Klan is a group that many are familiar with if they have taken any basic US history class. The white supremacist group that herds the South, spreads racist rants, and in previous decades has held lynchings are putting their words into action. Due to the laws that are now in place to prevent hate crimes from happening, the KKK has been holding rallies and meetings in non-violent ways.

Numbers are increasing in this organization because they have been bribing people with goodie bags of candy to become a part of their group. They want new Knights, ladies and gents, so start shouting out your favorite candies — sugar rush.

Along with the goodie bags of candy being used as a recruitment tactic, there are fliers being handed out that have a phone numbers where you listen to a racist voicemail when you call. Honestly, this group of people walking around in white robes is probably intimidating more than welcoming. Candy is probably the closest thing to a friendly gesture these racist people can come up with to be better their image. Taking candy from strangers is what I was always warned about when I was younger.

Instead of candy and racist voicemails, they should talk about the tradition and historical meaning their organization has to offer. Even though it’s very unappealing, people would rather join the tradition and historical meaning a sewing club has to offer. It still seems better than telling people, “If it ain’t white, it ain’t right.” It’s not fair to citizens who want nothing to do with this supremacy group. But, unfortunately, the clan is protected under 1st Amendment rights. People who enjoy the company of their neighbors who look different than they do are waking up to fliers put on their doors telling them to “free the land and join the Klan.” It’s mortifying.

The fact that this group has these types of recruitment tactics can suggest many things, which is probably scaring people and forcing them to remember the past. Times have changed since then, and people want to live their lives in peace and not worry about things that can potentially happen if anything were to get out of hand.

The Klan is using immigration as propaganda tools and is very selective (clearly) as to whom they choose amongst their applicants. I say just leave it to the government if immigration is what’s annoying them so much. Go about your freaking day, and mind your own business. Keep your thoughts to yourself or amongst a few friends. Stop placing them on people’s front doors and driveways. Also, nobody wants your candy (unless it’s Kit-Kats), and people can handle themselves just fine without your very blunt comments. The Klan is definitely a good example that proves people can think for themselves, so stop telling us who we should be friends with or talk to. It’s intimidating.

Times are changing and people are moving on. The Klan needs to get with the times and stop living like their grandfathers. Smoke a pipe and drink some Scotch whiskey on a Saturday afternoon if you’re feeling nostalgic; don’t try on his old white sheet. Find a new hobby like fantasy football. Save your money from candy and start a nice fountain pen collection. They can get pricey.

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  1. You go girl. People should read the poem by Emma Lazarus. You know the one written on the Statue of Liberty how sweet it is

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