Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Jovine juggles campus involvement

Plattsburgh State senior Ashley Jovine has learned to handle multiple obligations at once by being the president for two cubs, a co-producer for a show on PSTV, balancing her academics and still having a social life.

Jovine is a senior majoring in TV and video production and minoring in French and Spanish. She left Bronx, N.Y. to come to Plattsburgh in hopes of fulfilling her dream to have a career as a screenwriter and work at a production company.

“The high school girl back then, she wanted to go away for college,” Jovine said. “I heard that they [PSUC] had a really good communication program.”

Jovine felt like PSUC was the best option for her because it is affordable and has many opportunities in the field that she wants to study.

Jovine is the president for both the French Club and The Creative Writing Skills Club. Jovine started off as the vice president for the French Club, then later became the president for the club through recommendations from her other board members.

“I didn’t really want to be president because it was a huge responsibility, and I was also afraid to take that leap into being president,” Jovine said. “When I was vice president, I felt like I was doing so much work, but then I decided to stop being afraid and put my name out there.”

Jovine took French in High School, and said it was her French teacher who inspired her to continue taking French classes through her college career.

Once Jovine came to PSUC, she was interested in the French Club.

Jovine is not fluent in French, but she still holds conversations with the people who attend the club meetings.

Jovine’s personal goal for the French Club is to inform students on French culture by looking at French fashion, movies and politics. She then tackles learning French words and the language.
“We try to make a lot of games and activities so that the students can have fun,” Jovine said.

Jovine is one of the founders for The Creative Writing Skills Club. It is a new club that started last semester. Her passion for writing drove her to start the club. The club teaches students about character development, creative writing and much more.

Jovine is also a co-producer for a show on PSTV called “On That Note.” It is her first time producing a show. The show is based on topics. Every show has a different topic and there will be skits, panels and questionnaires to support the topic.

Ireen Hossain is one of Jovine’s close friends. She is a senior majoring in TV video production and minoring in broadcast management.

“She’s definitely a valuable connection in your life,” Hossain said. “She’ll help you get to places and you can help her it’s like a two-way street.”

Hossain met Jovine through class and they have been friends ever since. Hossain is also a part of PSTV just like Jovine. Hossain is an actress and a field reporter for Jovine’s show “On That Note.”

“She’s definitely a go-getter, if she wants something she goes and gets it,” Hossain said. “She’s a good person, a good friend and a very good leader, for sure.”

Jovine is ambitious in her work. Jordan Langley a senior at PSUC who majors in English writing arts has been friends with Jovine for three years. They met through Jovine’s old roommate.

“I admire her work ethic she is very ambitious. She makes adjustments and finds good ways to handle problems. She takes her work very seriously,” said Langley. “She has a good balance.”

This goes to show that anything is still possible even when you have a lot on your plate. Still continue to persevere and push through.

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