Thursday, May 13, 2021

It’s your body, so it’s your choice

Every woman has the right to feel safe and secure in her body and to make her own decision on what she wants to do with it.

I’ve never felt any better in my own skin better. I wake up every day with a mindset that today is going to be a new day to be a better me. As a junior in college, I have a busy schedule filled with classes and social events. However, I just love the feeling of being busy and being myself. I know I’m working hard and taking care of myself.  I cut off all the toxic people and everything that is bad for me. My body is my temple. I feel healthy in my own body.

I actually started practicing living a healthy lifestyle after moving into my own apartment. Living off campus means I have to learn how to live on my own entirely. However, it is a chance for me to grow up and treat my body better by cooking my own meal and having my own space. I am happy to be able to live my life  the way I want it to be because I have the full control over my body. Knowing I have that power also helps me get over and ignore all the judgements and pressure from society.

This is to all the woman out there — Do whatever you want. We are different, but we all have the same rights. You are enough. Don’t let others affect your decision on what you want to do with your body. You own it. Who cares? Live your life however you want. Wear whatever you want to wear. Do whatever you want to do. At the end of the day, your happiness matters the most. You will never be truly happy if you try to satisfy everyone.  People’s opinions don’t matter. Don’t ever let them tell you who you really are. You tell them.

I used to be the kid who’d rather do something to fit in with the society. However, once I realized their opinions about me didn’t matter anymore, I started listening to my body and to what I really want. I feel happy and unique. Those opinions will never help me better myself  or help me get what I want in life. Stay true to yourself. Listen to you. If that’s what you really want to do and make you happy, go ahead and do it. I want to see women to feel more comfortable with their own bodies and with who they really are.You have to love yourself first before you expect others to love you. Wake up every day and be proud of who you are. Be happy because I’m here, and I’m proud of you all for whoever you are.


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