Monday, March 27, 2023

Issue 9 In the Stars

By Kiyanna Noel

Capricorn: The Child of Wands card represents being curious. Use this curiosity and want to learn more to find out more about your future by trusting your intuition. 


Aquarius: The Three of Crystals card represents opening your mind to new possibilities and ideas. Allow your ideas to flow and coincide freely.


Pisces: The Six of Worlds card represents using your resources to become a better version of yourself. Connect with your higher self through different methods and trying new things.


Aries: The Empress card represents being nurturing, creative and nonjudgmental. You may find yourself being welcoming to new ideas and people. 


Taurus: The Four of Cups card represents acknowledging feelings of anger. Know that anger is a valid emotion and what you choose to do or how you choose to express it, shows your character. 


Gemini: The Ten of Wands card represents understanding your past. Use your past to guide and motivate you for your future endeavors. 


Cancer: The Five of Crystals card represents having a negative mindset and hostility. Try to turn this into a positive by looking on the bright side of your situations or circumstances.  


Leo: The Nine of Wands card represents moving with integrity. Take what comes with integrity as a positive on how to continue on with your life.


Virgo: The Man of Worlds card represents using your achievements to motivate yourself. Don’t let your current achievements stop you from achieving greater things. 


Libra: The Eight of Crystals card represents seeing both sides of the brain. Try exploring both the whimsical and logical side of things in your life.


Scorpio: The Sage of Crystals card represents gaining knowledge. You’ll know more about certain things to lead others in the right direction. 


Sagittarius: The Hermit card represents being focused and balanced. You may find yourself being in a hardworking overdrive, but remember to take breaks and stay positive. 

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