Thursday, May 30, 2024

Issue 9 In the stars

By Kiyanna Noel

Capricorn: The Balance card represents having an adaptable mindset. Create a safe medium between actions and reactions to keep yourself at peace.

Aquarius: The Two of Worlds card represents taking a break to observe. Take some time to rest and reflect on your situation. 

Pisces: The Four of Crystals card represents using logic to create structure. Don’t form connections based on delusions.

Aries: The Four of Worlds card represents going forward and moving on. Use this time to explore new things about yourself and be cautious with your new freedom. 

Taurus: The Woman of Crystals card represents guarding your being against negativity. Continue to be observant and self-aware to avoid being used. 

Gemini: The Four of Wands card represents working hard to overcome obstacles to reach your goals. Break through all barriers that keep you from your aspirations.

Cancer: The Child of Crystals card represents exploring new ideas. Try to understand new and old perspectives. 

Leo: The Fool-Child card represents taking risks and remembering consequences. Try to remember that you have to learn from experiences in order to grow.

Virgo: The Woman of Cups card represents enjoying the beauty of life. Allow yourself to be happy without restraint. 

Libra: The Woman of Worlds card represents being a provider and a nurturer for yourself and those around you. Continue to carry yourself with respect and understanding. 

Scorpio: The Hermit card represents being independent and secure within yourself. Continue to connect with the best version of yourself. 

Sagittarius: The Ten of Crystals card represents creating delusions or imagining scenarios that may create conflict. Allow your imagination to run, but never forget the reality of things.

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