Saturday, June 22, 2024

Issue 9 Horoscopes

By Sydney Hakes

Aries: Your intuition is likely to be very sharp this week, and you will follow your gut feeling without listening to anyone else. Stay balanced.


Taurus: Although your creative juices shall flow, you will not really be in a mood to act on them. Rather, you will stick to your routine.


Gemini: A very productive day is in the offering this week. With work going on smoothly, you need to focus on strengthening relationships.


Cancer: Your emotions will rule this week, but if you let them govern your professional matters, it might work to your detriment.


Leo: You are likely to be very imaginative this week, and your out of the box ideas will earn you a lot of appreciation.


Virgo: A financially favorable week. Though it encourages you to indulge in materialistic pleasures, you will also tend towards spirituality.


Libra: Spirituality may hold the key for you this week, as you may be fed up with the disharmony at your workplace or school.


Scorpio: Complying sincerely with both your personal and professional duties will give you a lot of satisfaction this week.


Sagittarius: You will feel very spirited this week, taking great care to appear in your best attire. You shall charm your way into everyone’s hearts.


Capricorn: The kind of friends you have reflects the type of person you are. In order to maintain a dignified image, be careful of whom you befriend.


Aquarius: The spontaneous nature of your actions and thoughts shall aid you to enjoy a fun filled and leisurely day with your friends or siblings.


Pisces: A refreshing trip to recharge your batteries is likely to materialize this week. This may be the result of you being satisfied with the progress.

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