Sunday, April 14, 2024

Issue 8 Horoscopes

By Sydney Hakes

Gemini: You’re prone to falling back into old habits and leaning on people you shouldn’t. Keep moving forward in your career and in your personal life. Eyes forward and head up.

Capricorn: Don’t forget to hit the gym this week and spend some time in the sun. Make time for chores like laundry so you don’t fall behind. Keeping yourself and your space clean will keep your mind clear.

Cancer: Keep your heart open to the ones who value you most. The right person might be in front of you and giving you signals.

Pisces: Skip the lines this week. The universe is here to save you time, so take that time and put it into something fruitful.

Aquarius: Lose yourself in the music and the moment. Time to lighten up, you’ve been too stressed with personal and professional responsibilities. Jam out alone tonight and focus on yourself.

Sagittarius: Lose the angsty attitude. Red is not a good shade on you and those around you are noticing that. Take a step back and evaluate your reaction to things you can’t control.

Virgo: You’ll be asked to make several important decisions this week. And as usual, you’ll do this with thoughtful precision. You’re going to be faced with decisions at school or work that will make you question your position there.

Taurus: Your mind is caught on something you heard last week. Think about why that’s staying with you and consider how to apply what you heard to your own life. It means something.

Leo: Learn a little about yourself this week. Introspection will be key to your growth and progression in life. Try some activities you don’t do very often. Read a new book or write in a journal. Lay outside and stare at the sky for a while.

Aries: Don’t overload your calendar. We’re leaving winter behind and it’s hard to not want to spend your days with things to do. Take time for yourself by going for a car ride, sitting in the park or on your porch.

Libra: You’re going to be tested with your reaction to situations. Find healthy outlets should these flare up, and take preventive measures against potential restlessness or insomnia by establishing soothing bedtime rituals.

Scorpio: This week, there is some excitement if you’re willing to let go. Today, you can eliminate unnecessary actions. You can get rid of redundancies that yield little results. Streamline your day.

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