Saturday, May 25, 2024

Issue 5 In the Stars

By Kiyanna Noel

Capricorn: The Six of Wands card represents trust. Acknowledge that the trust in yourself is greater than the trust others have in you. Do what is best for you responsibly. 

Aquarius: The Hermit card in reverse represents becoming detaching. This solitude may show you things about yourself. Loneliness can remind you why you are isolated in the first place. 

Pisces: The Woman of Worlds card represents being secure in yourself. Continue to be nurturing and handling your situations with grace. 

Aries: The Universe card represents centering yourself and realizing that life is an ever-growing process. Keep yourself grounded and allow yourself to go after your goals.

Taurus: The Time-Space card represents understanding how your past and present coincide. Allow your knowledge of where you came from to shape your current perspectives and create a healthy future for yourself. 

Gemini: The Ace of Crystals card represents understanding. Something has now been clarified for you, there should be no more confusion. 

Cancer: The Nine of Worlds card represents accepting your rewards and accomplishments. Don’t sell yourself short, you worked hard for all you have achieved. 

Leo: The Man of Wands card represents having to take on different personas. Try to remind yourself of who you are without the mask.

Virgo: The Fortune card represents being resourceful and courageous. Continue being a risk-taker because big rewards may be coming your way.

Libra:  The Sage of Wands card represents having an awakening. Share what you know with those around you. 

Scorpio: The Child of Cups card represents having a balance in your emotions. Acknowledge these feelings and remember they are what remind you of your humanity. 

Sagittarius: The Six of Crystals card represents overthinking and overanalyzing. Take things at face-value and realize not everything has a deeper meaning. 

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