Saturday, May 25, 2024

Issue 2 Sex and the SUNY

The second week of the semester, I (f 19) decided to add a friend’s (f 17) crush (m 18) on Snapchat. He invited me and a different friend (f 18) to his dorm. We showed up at 1 AM and it was obvious this was a big mistake on our part. He brought us to his room and started making all of the sexual advances — the suggestive smile, flexing his (lack of) muscles, having us sit on his bed, holding us, man-spreading, asking if we are dominant, and my personal favorite, complaining his balls hurt. Then, “Jesus”, our savior, hottest man have ever seen shows up and tells us to leave. We booked it. The first guy was really trying to fuck us both and it was a little pathetic. But Jesus is welcome to have a threesome any night.


So I started talking to this guy I met over tinder during quarantine. We lived relatively close to each other and we snapped back and forth for a few months. It didn’t really get anywhere so we kinda fell off and I forgot all about it. He was a transfer to platts the upcoming semester so I lowkey forgot about him since he lived off campus and I hadn’t seen him around at all. Around November of last year he hits me up after months of not talking. We decide to meet up one night after I was drinking with my roommates. I walk over there and he meets me at the door. He takes me to his living room and suggests putting on Netflix. The movie he picks is fucking Adam Sandler’s “Mr. Deed”. Great mood setter obviously. So after 45 mins of absolutely nothing but Sandler, he finally kissed me and sets the scene. He then asks me if I wanna hookup and then we go to his room. Within 30 seconds of the conversation homie is butt ass naked in his room, door open, overhead light on, putting a condom on. I still have my shoes on at this point. He looks at me still fully clothed since there was literally no mood going at all and asks “oh are you a virgin?”  I was like “uh…no, are you?” Thinking this man is obviously inexperienced because he is literally completely naked and we have barely even kissed. So naturally I start to take my clothes off and stuff and he just starts going for it. Light still on, door still open. He can’t figure where to stick it in, and after a minute I’m obviously very awkward as this is a awkward situation. We tried to figure it out and I tried to kinda guide him a little at first by suggesting to start with missionary position and he asks “what’s that?” I tried to help him after that too but after a few minutes too many it starts to hurt and I was over it so I said I wanted to go home. As I’m putting my clothes on, trying not to laugh because of the awkwardness of all of that, he asks me one more question. After all of that he looks me in the eyes and says “do you like sucking dick?” I said “I’m good man” and walked out of his house.


i have a few stories regarding sex on campus, but i’ll just skip to the main points… when i guy says he’s down for anything.. be careful cause he’ll slap you and spit in your mouth right when he walks into the room. if a guy wants to hang out but doesn’t want to bring a condom… he’s going to cum 10 seconds into head and he knows it. and if a guy says he likes it raw… it’s cause he’s going to cum the second he puts on a condom…


My gf and I skinny dipped then made some ‘motion in the ocean’ in a nearby river.


It’s taken me four years to realize that sex in relationships isn’t the main focus. I think a lot of people feel that they need to have sex with someone to get them to like them. Throughout college I always had the mindset that in order to get the guy I wanted I had to have sex with them. But it isn’t true, there is so much more then just sex. Talk to your partner about boundaries and consent. Building a safe space to communicate what makes you feel comfortable or uncomfortable, is more important then the act itself. And if they aren’t willing to do that, then they ain’t the one sis.


After getting raped and assaulted on campus UP did literally nothing. In fact in the second incident I had mentioned drinking at a school function and got put on probation, then asked to transfer schools. Plattsburgh is one of the most unsafe environments you can put yourself in.

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