Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Issue 10 In the Stars

By Kiyanna Noel


Capricorn: The Three of Crystals card represents expressing your creativity. Try to allow new ideas in because you can create something new and innovative.


Aquarius: The Death card represents how things must end and you should live every day to the fullest. Accept things as they are, but live on in your own way.


Pisces: The Ten of Crystals card represents how your mind is creating certain illusions and false realities. Remember, dreams are good but there’s also reality, so try not to confuse them.


Aries: The Nine of Crystals card represents being close minded, but also stable. Try to open up your thinking while having great concentration. 


Taurus: The Priestess card represents being secure in yourself. You know you better than anyone, find safety and confidence in that. 


Gemini: The Hierophant card represents being full of life and a leader despite bad surroundings. Beautiful things can come out of bad situations. 


Cancer: The Devil’s Play card represents freeing yourself from others expectations. Try not to be overly calculated and be natural in who you are. 


Leo: The Two of Crystals card represents being self aware and detached from things that aren’t good for you. Maintain this demeanor and stay focused. 


Virgo: The Strength card represents being mentally and physically strong. Try to be versatile in your tasks while still expressing yourself. 


Libra: The Sun card represents being alive and radiating. You have found a balance between work and play. Try to stay focused and not ignore your needs. 


Scorpio: The Lovers card represents being intimate with others or maintaining your self worth. Life is filled with multiple aspects, try to communicate and stay centered.


Sagittarius: The Child of Cups card represents being open minded and raw in your feelings. Try to not control your emotions and experience them as they come.

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