Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Issue 10 In the Stars

By Kiyanna Noel

Capricorn: The Six of Cups card represents feeling sadness and emptiness. Allow yourself room to grieve what you are going through. 

Aquarius: The Balance card represents having a flexible and adaptable mindset. Remember not every action toward you deserves a reaction back. 

Pisces: The Art card represents being creative and allowing yourself to be inspired without restriction. Continue to be free and express it in your art. 

Aries: The Ten of Cups card represents passion and excitement. Continue to carry yourself with confidence and optimism, you may attract exactly what you want. 

Taurus: The Ten of Wands card represents growth and reaching new heights. Continue to branch out and seek more knowledge. 

Gemini: The Eight of Worlds card represents changing yourself to adapt to different situations. Allow yourself to transform to better understand certain aspects of a situation in order to better survive. 

Cancer: The Three of Crystals card represents seeing new perspectives and ways of life. Try opening your mind to new ideas and resources. 

Leo: The Sage of Wands card represents having self discipline and being in control of your emotions. Allow yourself to gain and share your wisdom with others. 

Virgo: The Child of Cups card represents having that balance between your emotions. Allow yourself to make mistakes and have feelings even if they aren’t positive ones. 

Libra:  The Emperor card represents moving forward and putting yourself first. Make the moves that will keep you on the right track to reach your goals. 

Scorpio: The Child of Worlds card represents stepping into a new way of life by reaching a monumental milestone. Recognize that life has fun, games, responsibilities and consequences. 

Sagittarius: The Nine of Crystals card represents being inflexible and self-isolating to create stability. Continue to keep yourself focused and concentrated. 

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