Saturday, July 20, 2024

Issue 10 Horoscopes

By Sydney Hakes

Aries: Because you’re able to tune into the thoughts and feelings of those around you, you will sense what they want to hear from you and what they want you to do. In an indirect way, giving others what they want and need will ensure that your turn will come, to get your own way.


Taurus: Someone is about to make you an offer that is too exciting to resist. Conditions are now ideas for you to make new starts. You won’t think twice when given a chance to push ahead with work and professional affairs. A birthday or anniversary will be celebrated.


Gemini: New rules may not apply to your role, but you might worry about what impact this will have on your job and in your workplace. Senior colleagues will agree to reflect on new procedures if it might seem there are too many concerns being shared.


Cancer: It can be hard, at times, to maintain harmony but problems need to be faced and discussed. You would rather keep out of the mainstream of events but in doing so you are also reducing your chances to speak face to face with someone you need to talk to.


Leo: There are gaps in the workplace as some people leave and others are placed into new roles. You can see advantages in applying changes that have been discussed in the past. Decisions about standards and safety standards in particular will benefit staff and clients alike.


Virgo: A friend or someone you work with who is worrying all the time will have a negative effect on you unless you switch off from listening to them. If you know they have nothing to be anxious about you may have to accept this is a side of their nature you’re going to have to get used to. 


Libra:  Someone who isn’t aware of all the facts will be too quick to judge and comment. It might sound as if they know what they are talking about but their views are distorted. In all situations check information, ask questions where necessary and come to your own decisions.


Scorpio: You aren’t impressed with someone who wants to give up as soon as they encounter the first hurdle. You will want to put your all into a challenge you take on and if they can’t be talked into persevering, you will continue without them. Unlike a negative friend, you are determined to succeed.


Sagittarius: Your challenge is to stay focused and avoid distractions. People are relying on you not to give up too easily. Your interest in local travel and communication can be of benefit to others as you share your knowledge in a team situation.


Capricorn: You hadn’t wanted to worry someone at home by revealing recent events that would cause them some concern. You’ve kept quiet about these for a reason but it will become apparent now they half suspect what has been going on and you need to come clean with them.


Aquarius: You can’t seem to do right for doing wrong. The more you try to resolve a contentious situation the worse it gets. It might be better to focus on something different for the time being. Hesitation will serve you better than direct action. It is not a good time to issue ultimatums.


Pisces: Getting a change of scenery will help you sort out your thoughts and work out how to cope with some painful memories. If you haven’t done or said anything wrong, why blame yourself for a recent misunderstanding? Ignore anyone who is trying to push the blame onto you.

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