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‘Innovative’ Mitchell means business

To say Brandon Mitchell is busy would be an understatement. Plattsburgh State sophomore triple major in finance, economics and management information systems and two minors in computer science and business analysis Mitchell is highly driven when it comes to his future endeavors.

Growing up, Mitchell was always interested in finance. He said throughout elementary and middle school, it was something that peaked his interest. By high school, he said he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do exactly but decided to choose finance to see where it would take him.

“I like the aspect of learning how corporations are run and learning about how I can use a set of skills to help people,” he said.

When Mitchell first started his college career at PSUC he said it was very “eye-opening.” During his freshmen year, he became the first PSUC student to get an internship with Grant Thornton, which is the number five accounting firm in the country.

“It really kickstarted my professional career in college,” he said.

Mitchell has already managed to become the CEO of Ideayet Corporation, which is a corporate company he founded in 2015 that allows users to earn money and equity for posting and sharing ideas.

“On July 29 — I’ll never forget the day — I was sitting down in Glen Cove, which is where I live now with my little brother, Kermit Mitchell III, who is my co-founder,” Mitchell said. “And we were just joking around. We said it would be funny if there was a platform for buying and selling ideas — just something abstract.”

Mitchell said their jokes turned into a ten minute conversation with his little brother and cousin.

By the end of the night, they had spent hours talking about a platform that could buy ideas. They created a Google Doc, and for the next three weeks, they brainstormed 14 pages of ideas.

“We’re trying to create a social media platform for sharing ideas, but the thing is that users can actually earn money and equity in the idea that they’re sharing and posting by commenting,” he said. “I’d say it’s a Ted meets Twitter meets Pinterest meets Facebook.”

Over this past winter break, Mitchell taught himself three computer languages, so he could be more hands-on working with the platform for Ideayet.

Besides managing his company, Mitchell is the treasurer of the PSUC Stock Market Club, where he manages a $10,000 budget. Mitchell said the club gives him and other members a clear idea on how to manage money.

PSUC senior accounting major and Mitchell’s girlfriend Molly Lundgren said they connected through a mutual interest in business and jumped on the bandwagon when she heard about Ideayet. She said he’s very innovative and nothing is going to stop him.

“He not only motivates himself but everyone he meets,” Lundgren said. “He can walk into a room and not know anyone and walk out knowing at least half of them.”

Mitchell is the secretary of the PSUC Accounting and Finance Association. The club holds meetings on how to make a LinkedIn profile and tips to students on how to dress professionally. He’s also a member National Association of Black Accountants. Besides being involved with clubs on campus, he’s the private manager for a house on Long Island, where he manages tenants. He also works for State Farm through his dorm. Mitchell is a licensed property and casualty insurance agent, so he sells insurance policies and sets up bank accounts for clients.

He is currently the president of Delta Sigma Phi. His adviser and communication disorders and sciences professor Michael Morgan, has gotten to know Mitchell and said he can’t believe Mitchell is only a sophomore.

“Brandon is a leader and an innovator,” Morgan said. “He creates and seizes opportunities to chart his path to success.”

With a busy schedule, Mitchell said it’s rewarding to get the entrepreneur experience.

“People spend 20 years of the career figuring out how to manage a company,” Mitchell said. “And I’m learning it while being a student.

This summer, Mitchell will be a financial advisory intern at Pricewaterhouse Coopers, the largest accounting firm in the world, according to a business website CPA Practice Adviser.
He said he’s on the track to graduating early.

“Working with Pricewaterhouse Coopers, — they’re number one — I’d be making a decent salary so there are lot of benefits,” he said. “Either way, I’ll either get a decent career in finance or I’ll try to become an entrepreneur.”

Mitchell said he’ll either start his master of business administration earlier or get his charter financial analysis degree.

Mitchell said a big motivator is looking at quotes. He said there is a lot of powerful quotes by political and successful figures that align with his own values.

“Everyone has the power to change the world,” he said. “Hopefully, I’ll be able to see my quotes repeated and shared by others when I’m older. We’ll see what happens.”

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