Sunday, July 21, 2024

In the Stars – Issue1 Fall 2023

By Kiyanna Noel

Capricorn: The Death card represents turning over a new leaf. Remember that all things must come to an end, but that isn’t always a bad thing. 

Aquarius: The Five of Worlds card represents experiencing setbacks and being devastated. Take this as an opportunity to create something out of nothing.

Pisces: The Ace of Crystals card represents an awakening. Now that you are more knowing and aware, you will be able to think clearly and creatively. 

Aries: The Two of Worlds card represents reflection and relaxation. Take some time to observe and allow yourself to seek clarity.

Taurus: The Balance card represents understanding the connection between actions and reactions. Remember, every decision you make can affect your situation.

Gemini: The Four of Cups card represents anger and conflict. Convert this anger into passion to keep you motivated and focused.

Cancer: The Hermit card represents isolating yourself from the world to improve your physical and mental health. Continue to be self-sufficient in order to achieve your goals. 

Leo: The Child of Cups card represents expressing yourself and being self-aware. Remember to be honest with yourself about how you feel.

Virgo: The Child of Crystals card represents learning and being open. Begin to explore new possibilities and ideas to learn more about yourself and the world around you. 

Libra:  The Woman of Worlds card represents keeping tradition and being a strong support system. Continue to carry yourself with grace and comfort. 

Scorpio: The Eight of Wands card represents being united with others creatively. Continue to be the magnet that keeps things together. 

Sagittarius: The Lovers card represents becoming one with a partner and with yourself. Remember to be certain with your choices and have your best interest constantly. 


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