Sunday, April 21, 2024

In the stars 5 – Fall 2023

By Kiyanna Noel

Capricorn: The Eight of Worlds card represents changing and transforming a part of yourself. Get accustomed to the new you and show the world how you have adapted.

Aquarius: The Child of Crystals card represents learning new ideas and concepts. Continue to open your mind to different possibilities and perspectives.

Pisces: The Child of Cups card represents being open to feel all emotions. Allow yourself to experience all emotions, even if it is hard. 

Aries: The Ace of Cups card represents ecstasy. Enjoy the feeling of paradise and continue to share it with others. 

Taurus: The Seven of Worlds card represents breaking through barriers. Now that you have overcome this situation, stop being stagnant and move on. 

Gemini: The Lovers Card represents being united and partnership. Continue to work together and communicate to better your relationship with others.

Cancer: The Three of Cups card represents love and expressing yourself. Continue to wear your heart on your sleeve and build the community around you. 

Leo: The Sage of Cups card represents regenerating yourself. Allow yourself time to heal and make a comeback.

Virgo: The Seven of Crystals card represents dullness and being drained. Try to get out of the funk you are in by becoming curious  of the world around you.

Libra:  The Nine of Cups card represents fulfillment and being successful. Remember hard work pays off and to revel in this moment.  

Scorpio: The Four of Cups card represents anger and being aggressive. Don’t let this emotion control you, channel it in a healthy manner. 

Sagittarius: The Three of Crystals card represents creativity and uniqueness. Continue to think outside of the box.


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