Monday, May 20, 2024

In the Stars – Issue 3 Fall 2023

By Kiyanna Noel

Capricorn: The Six of Cups card represents a feeling of hurt and sorrow. You may be going through a stage of grief, but don’t let this pain stop you from moving on with life. 

Aquarius: The Sage of Worlds card represents mastering a specific skill. Continue to pursue your skill or talent in order to be better. 

Pisces: The Nine of Crystals card represents being close-minded and inflexible. Continue to focus on your goals, but try to be open to change. 

Aries: The Lovers card represents being united whether it’s individually or in a relationship. Make choices that align with who you are.

Taurus: The Three of Worlds card represents taking care of yourself. Be mindful of the things you do and how they affect you.

Gemini: The Sage of Crystals card represents knowing and understanding your past and using it to motivate yourself. Continue to seek more information and create new perspectives. 

Cancer: The Four of Worlds card represents discovering more of the unknown. Don’t be afraid to learn more about yourself and the world around you.

Leo: The Child of Worlds card represents being grounded and secure. Continue to be independent and self-sufficient. 

Virgo: The Four of Wands card represents hard work paying off. Continue to remain focused and positive in order to see the fruits of your labor.

Libra:  The Two of Cups card represents being emotionally and physically stable. Try to find a balance in your current situation and do what is logically best. 

Scorpio: The Ten of Wands card represents being overly stressed. Try to relax and take things slowly to avoid burnout. 

Sagittarius: The Child of Wands card represents being impulsive and impatient. Try to remain calm and not to make irrational decisions. 


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  1. The Capricorn note discusses pain. We all have pain, it is already here in us. The pain may not originate from within us, it may come from a cultural seed or society. However, one’s awareness for pain and its occupation–the ways we nurture it in our garden or observe and let it wilt–may elevate or alleviate one’s suffering from pain.

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