Wednesday, May 22, 2024

In The Stars 11 – Fall 2023


By Kiyanna Noel

Capricorn: The Priestess card represents being passive. Trust your instincts and reflect on your current situation. 

Aquarius: The Tower card represents being in a crisis. Try to remain level-headed and make rational decisions.

Pisces: The Two of Cups card represents partnerships. Don’t be distant with the people in your life. 

Aries: The Two of Wands card represents being courageous and noble. Continue separating yourself from people who hinder that.

Taurus: The Sage of Crystals card represents knowledge. Use your wisdom to gain insight into your work.

Gemini: The Four of Worlds card represents commencement. New beginnings are on their way to you.

Cancer: The Time-Space card represents karma. Redirect your thoughts to positivity to alter your future.

Leo: The Hierophant card represents enlightenment. Continue gathering knowledge from your experiences and you will find new ideas.

Virgo: The Three of Wands card represents compassion. Be compassionate and gentle to yourself and others.

Libra:  The Magician card represents talent and skills. Continue transforming your character and being purposeful in your actions. 

Scorpio: The Hanged Man card represents circumspection. Take a pause and assess your situation, keep your faith.

Sagittarius: The Strength card represents power. Have the courage to be yourself and you will succeed.


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