Tuesday, July 23, 2024

In the stars 10 – Fall2023

By Kiyanna Noel

In the stars 10

Capricorn: The Strength card represents inner power and persistence. Remember to be versatile and humble during this time.

Aquarius: The Hermit card represents independence, it reminds you to take your time and reflect. Being patient with yourself will bring you the power to heal and flourish.

Pisces: The Eight of Wands card represents harmony. Honor diversity and differences of opinions, things will work out when you work together.

Aries: The Seven of Crystals card represents dullness. Burnout is rough, take some time to relax and think practically, you got this.

Taurus: The Emperor card represents leadership and evolution. Be decisive, go make your mark on the world.

Gemini: The Man of Cups card represents emotional balance. Remember to keep your emotions under control and analyze the right course of action. 

Cancer: The Four of Crystals card represents organization.You will find balance in your logic and creativity, put this to work.

Leo: The Five of Cups card represents disappointment. This disappointment will bring you back to reality, accept and let go.

Virgo: The Five of Crystals card represents negativity. Do not feed into delusions of the inner critic. Learn to appropriately judge your intelligence.

Libra:   The Three of Worlds card represents nurture. Be protective and persistent with your loved ones this week and lend them your genuine support.  

Scorpio: The Four of Cups card represents anger. This anger will be passionate so let it out in healthy ways that value your worth.

Sagittarius: The Nine of Wands card represents integrity. Be honest about where you stand and you will be impenetrable.


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