Tuesday, July 5, 2022

In the Cards: Svantner slams her first year

Garrett Collins

After a year of COVID sports are finally coming back to campus after a long awaited hiatus. One team that was able to find some sort of silver lining was Plattsburgh women’s tennis team, because the sport was considered low risk and took place outdoors.

The Cardinals last season however, were missing one of their cheerleaders and top performers on the team. Nicole Svantner, sophomore majoring in fitness and wellness leadership and is one of three triplets, who are also teammates Jacqueline and Samantha Savantner. All three sophomores, have been playing tennis all through high school. Svantner actually didn’t start by playing tennis but actually started out playing soccer.

“I actually played soccer, like travel soccer and then I tore my ACL, and then I kind of moved over to tennis.” Svantner said “We played a lot growing up like every summer. We would go to camp, and then go and focus on soccer.”

When Svantner got injured, she changed her focus to tennis.

Svantner did not compete last season because she was taking remote classes and missed the spring season.

“Last year in the spring I was remote. I’m glad to be back. It’s nice to have a season too,” she said

Currently, she is 4-2 with her sister, Samantha, and is on a three game winning streak with her after starting the season 1-2.

“We were actually doubles partners in high school so we know how to play,” Svantner said. “It’s actually nice because I feel like if I was with someone I don’t know how they play exactly it would be tough, but it’s definitely easier that I know how she hits and we can read each other. “

Being a fitness and wellness leadership major allows Svantner to have a better idea on how to prepare herself for games and how to keep her body safe and at tip-top shape.

“The stuff I learned in my fitness class carried on to the court about my body and just movements and stuff.” she said.

In  her major, she has found a lot of support from her classmates and professors, who are there to help her manage her busy schedule as a student athlete.

“ [Professors] are all pretty accommodating. I’ve only taken my first two major classes so I don’t know that many people. Melissa LaMere who is also head of recreation and she is extremely accommodating. They all are. They are all really understanding, especially in this major. “

Her coach described her as a team player that brings the energy at all times and is always asking questions on how to better her craft.

“I always cheer people on when I’m not playing. I’m always finding ways to improve and doing things that could make me a better player.”

“Everyone on the team we just push each other, we want the best version of ourselves on the court and I guess a motivation would be since this is a team sport, you need to play your part because in tennis the win kind of goes by like each player and you know if you don’t win….. You know you got to do your part for the team.” she said.

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